Hot Summer’s Day

A hot scorching, sizzling summer’s day, The sun no longer hides… Behind dark clouds, On the ground fiery feet walk through the countryside, Two lovers side by side, Souls entwined, Happy because wet,wild winter died, Soon it will return and resurrect from the dead, But for now let’s enjoy this short summer’s ride, It’s a […]

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A Paradise Forever Lost

Life starts with a big boom, Nine months later a child exits their Mother’s womb, In a room, Out from the darkness, virgin eyes will see the sunshine soon, The universe is a gorgeous garden, Full of spiritual and physical growth, flowers in bloom, But the garden is far from perfect, But there is a […]

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I’ve been to Hell and back, Believe me I’ve been burnt and charred, It’s like Charizard has breathed fire onto me, Recently I have let down my guard, I’m bereft of hope, I cannot cope, Bereavement leaves one emotionally and physically scarred, I miss my Father, I miss conversing with him, I miss having a […]

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What Really Matters?

Lips move, many mouths chatter, They say I’m as mad as a Hatter, I wear lots of hats, I move so fast things clatter, My dress sense is getting madder, Receiving praise, I’m flattered, Truly I am, but people talk foolishly, indeed they smatter, People have a lot to say, many just natter, Everybody dreams, […]

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Virtual Reality

When Parents and teachers don’t prepare children for society, They grow up lost and angry full of resentment and anxiety, Drinking alcohol numbs the pain, strangers to sobriety, Unsure and confused prisoners of doubt and dubiety, Their heroes are villains that have gained so much notoriety, Rebels without a cause lacking ideas and a thing […]

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The Lord Of Light

A new day, a new horizon. The transcendent and resplendent Sun in all of its regality and glory rises in the distance like a Phoenix from the ashes, returning to the sky once more. The winged globe majestic and lofty seizes the day reigning supreme pleasing the eyes of nature and its creatures. The refulgent […]

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Eden In The Sky

Soft poetic harmonic hearts refuse to harden, Watch me grow, this universe is a beautiful garden, Musing through memories in the meadow I kiss the Sun goodbye, I watch the silver moon arrive, the golden day birds cry, Sat quietly on the brow of a hill, my photogenic eyes, Stare into the eyes of God […]

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