The Reward

Life is a journey, from the teddy bear to the funeral wreath, Grief will either destroy or restore one’s belief… In a higher power, smell the flowers, And dream of spending eternity in an hour, Life is too short, it is shorter than a shoe string, Living is giving, think about the things you bring, […]

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Surprise Stars In Qatar

Sometimes the underdogs win against all the odds, Thanks to an amazing team spirit and faith in God, A bit of grit and determination, Can inspire an entire nation, The Whole World was watching counting down the clock, Bearing witness to one of the World Cup’s biggest ever shocks, The team in green fired two […]

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An Artist’s Asylum

Picture an artist’s asylum, where a decayed and decomposed carcass slowly swings across the canvas like a chandelier swinging from the ceiling of a dazzling ballroom watching over the party taking place on the dance floor. Except nobody is dancing beneath the dangling object apart from termites, cockroaches and rodents. And sometimes a shadow. The […]

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Me And You Against The World

You will always be my girl, It’s me and you against the World, We’ve got nothing to lose, But everything to prove… To our God, We are two peas in a pod, Defying all the odds, Wrestling demons like Hot Rod, This World is our ring, You mean everything to me darling, You’re my Queen, […]

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The Devil And His Henchmen

Devils and Warlocks want to send me to another dimension, Because I’m righteous and I speak the word of God like a reverend, I have faith, but I feel unsafe, cursed by apprehension, My eyes are slowly losing sight of divine intervention, As I’m surrounded by the Devil and his Henchmen, I’m the centre of […]

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Melting Snow

A supernatural and negative force, Has polluted my head with depressive thoughts, I’m just the boy with the sad face, Feeling stuck and out of place, I’m certain, that demons are lurking, Behind the curtain, Inside my fragile and morbid mind, Ready to spit poison onto my rhymes, … … I’m at war with myself, […]

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Something To Die For (2022)

I will live for something as I should, And I will fight for everything I love, That’s until my pure heart beats no more, The moment I walk through Heaven’s doors, Poetry, purity, peace, women and children are things to die for, My only true purpose is to live and forgive and start no more […]

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Trading Teardrops

It seems all we seem to do is trade teardrops, When will all the senseless and needless violence stop? I ask God, but where is he? I guess he’s too busy, The World is spinning into chaos and I’m feeling dizzy, As the World is becoming too much for me to handle, I scream and […]

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Back From The Dead

I was once rock bottom and good for nothing, Slowly I was rotting, decaying inside a coffin, Until one day out of nowhere I was saved, My lifeless body was dragged out of its grave, By a lovely lady like no other, And this lady soon became my lover, I was lost, I was gone, […]

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Thomas McNamara

Thomas McNamara was from… Charlestown, County Mayo, He sadly died during the battle of the Somme, My Star, I felt like Galileo, When I discovered my great great Uncle Tom, My ears can’t imagine the sounds of guns and bombs, As I wasn’t in the trenches back then, I’m just a Poet, my only weapon […]

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