Independence Day

I was there in attendance, When the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, My eyes witnessed their ascendance, I was enlightened by their presence, their wisdom and their resplendence, I experienced a spiritual transcendence, On the 4th of July 1776, on the day of independence,     This new nation is to be preserved […]

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Life’s Lessons

  We must love and respect ourselves in order to grow and evolve, We must solve our own problems or else we will disband and dissolve, We must take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes, We must be careful and wary of who we trust, don’t be charmed by the snake, Open […]

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Stars And Scars

The World is complicated like the matrix, sometimes I hate it, I want to walk into a Spaceship and no longer have to face it, I want to fly to new places, see new species and races, I crave for a cosmic oasis, Alien bases and brand new faces, I have a yen for the […]

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To Live And Die Like A Slave

A million miles from home, Followed by Shadows and haunted by ghosts, Waiting to be rescued from this war zone, I can’t move, like a dog chained up to a lamppost,   There are charred bones and blood stains on the pavement, Rubble on the roads, graffiti on crumbling walls, The bitter taste of defeat, […]

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A Work In Progress

  I live and breathe to create, but today I woke up late, I cannot be bothered mate, I’m having doubts, Will I ever be great? Do I have what it takes? What is my fate? To carry a burden? My shoulders cannot bear the weight, The World is too heavy to carry on my […]

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The God Of Wrestling II

I’m the greatest professional Wrestler in the World by far, My name means money, I turn blood into Gold, I’m a super duper star, I’m shining like a Rolex, the hands on the watch say it is my time to shine, I’ve climbed all the way to the top, the top spot and the spotlight […]

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