Heavy Heads

There is a lot on my mind, My head feels like a boulder so heavy, I was riding along in life, Then the driver crashed the Chevy, I survived, Tracy Chapman’s fast car was playing, The story of my life, My father too was an alcoholic, Now I’m driving a fast car with my future wife, […]

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Burning Passion And Desire

Darling don’t ever give up on your dreams, We are in this together as a team, Although reality isn’t what it seems, We are two Human Beings, a King and a Queen fighting to be supreme,   Two creative souls could change the World with a pen and a pencil, We have a heart, mind […]

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Hatching Egg Of Happiness

I surrender my heart, mind and soul to you, It all belongs to you as your insight guided me through… Turbulent times, you inspired me to write a story about glory, true… Courage you gave me, abject failure turned into a wonderful victory for two, True love is permanent, a tattoo that can’t be lasered […]

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Perspicacious Poet

Try to replace this Perspicacious Poet, so skilful and sagacious, My poems are ageless, turn the pages, reading is advantageous, Hope for peace on this Planet is fallacious, Media Personnel are mendacious, Perfidious parasites spreading propaganda brainless idiots believe it, how efficacious, With wisdom I’m flirtatious, I’m full of passion and love, I’m not too […]

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L I’m married to existence, I’m falling out of love with my wife, I will divorce her as she no longer pleases me, I’ve grown dissatisfied with life, I’m going blind I can’t see the light, it’s an everlasting dark night, The shark of society continues to bite, my writing hand, I’ve lost motivation to […]

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Building A Pyramid

 I’m building a Pyramid within my soul and mind, The building blocks are heavy to lift and hard to find, There’s a lot of weight on my soul and mind, but I feel fine, I’m constructing lines, conducting remarkable rhymes, Aiming to reach the Heavens, the Universal mind where the stars shine, Please understand it […]

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The Stars

Why would I align myself with the government and its political parties when I can align myself with the stars?   Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington) Originally Written: Monday 12th June 2017 Image found on google.

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