It Was A Sunday…

It was a Sunday and perhaps it was the greatest day of my life, It was a beautiful day, the mirror image of my wife, The one whom I loved dearly and miss so much, The one I wish I could touch again, she was my crutch, She held me up, she gave me strength […]

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Where Are We Going?

Where are we going? God tell us, please, We are blowing uncontrollably in the autumn breeze, Which has turned into a wild wind, like two fallen leaves, Which have fallen from two separate trees, We are blowing across the streets homeless people roam, With the dust, the sticks and the stones, And the plastic carrier […]

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Giving Birth To Words

My head is pregnant with poetical thoughts, I’m pro-life so I could never abort… These words which I contain inside my brain, I won’t complain, I can withstand the pain… Of childbirth, my head hurts, But I remember this is a blessing not a curse, Life spurts as I give birth to words on a […]

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Living For The Weekend

Every weekday we go to work for very little pay, And when we are there, we wish our lives away, Living for the weekend, instead of living for today, Today we may be young, but tomorrow we’ll be old and grey. Originally Written: Saturday 15th May 2021 Image found on google.

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The Mortician

There was a Mortician by the name of Thaddeus Ignatius West, He felt blessed to be a Mortician, he was obsessed with death, The Mortician was turned on by the putrid stench of rotting flesh, I was his colleague, I caught him sucking on a dead girl’s left breast, Horrified; I exclaimed! “ Let her […]

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My heart, mind and soul rejoices, At the sound of sweet Angelic voices, The Angels are pleased with the choices I’ve made, I only obeyed God, I picked up a pen and put down the blade, I fought with my brain, my spirit never decayed, My faith in God remained and every day I prayed, […]

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The Kiss Of Life

Finding love was always at the top of my bucket list, But at one point I was more likely to slit my wrists, Than find it, as depressing as that is, that was true, I was alone, feeling blue, I didn’t have a clue what to do, I didn’t want to shoot my arrow in […]

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Immeasurable Love

Before I met you my life was parallel to Hell, But now we’re together, two Souls inside a shell, Life is swell, Life is great, You flew straight out the gates of Heaven, You wasn’t late, Your timing was impeccable, It was fate, It was destiny for us to be Soulmates, You are perfect, Like […]

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A Galaxy of Random Thoughts.

Words are dancing across the page, my mind is ready for expansion, I’m ready to move out of the gutter and move into a mansion, The Gods I thank them; I converse with Aliens, Ghosts, Ghouls and Phantoms, I don’t out rank them, but I still have super human powers like the Green Lantern, I […]

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