Our Love Is Forever Old

The wind is blowing, I think it’s snowing, She’s the image of purity, She’s all knowing, Her face is glowing, She offers me security,   She’s my baby, She’s my lady, And she loves me more than Gold, My vision’s hazy, I’m going crazy, And our love is forever old,     She’s an angel, […]

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Would I Do The Same?

From darkness to light, from Atoms to Adam, From Ziggurats in Iraq to the execution of Saddam… Hussein, Who’s sane? War causes more misery and pain, Banking cartels making a profit, an economical gain, Dressed in suits, the word malicious suits them in this evil game, They fund the most evil of men who burn, […]

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I Wish I Was A Kid Again

  I dreamed about a perfect future inside my cot, But a perfect future is not what I got, My childhood was a dream, it was truly hot, Now I’m bitter, old and cold, my nose is full of snot, I guess you could say I grew up and lost the plot, I’m messed up, […]

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I was born original, I can’t be copied, I’m still authentic, I’ve got skills, strength, speed and stamina, I’m wild and energetic, I guess I’m frenetic, my psychedelic LSD rhymes are so hallucinogenic, My mind has more layers than an onion, some say I’m schizophrenic, I just think I’m a little crazy, maybe you should […]

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The Black Sheep

My thoughts are darker than Guinness Stout, Read my poems if you can and see what they’re all about, I doubt you could grasp the concept of my art, I’m misunderstood, I’m the lone wolf, the black heart, The Perspicacious Outcast and the Black Sheep, The miscreant, the loner and the creep, I’m deep, deeper […]

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Uncensored Soul

  I’m as philosophical as great minds living in the times of Ancient Greece, I read a library of books and I watch my knowledge increase, And turn into Wisdom, now I’m as wise as serpents, kings and priests, I swing the sword of truth aiming to slay the savage beast, Lay the beast to […]

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God Is Dead…

  A damaged rose petal lays on the ground silently, Butchered violently, Fields covered by charcoal coloured corpses, Unfortunate victims of demonic forces, Surrounded by carnage and trouble, Black ash and rubble, And bloody blood puddles, The horns of a beast burst a bubble, And pierced many a dream, Malignant madmen, malicious and mean, A […]

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