Frail and Fragile

  Sometimes I feel like the end is getting nearer, When will things get any clearer? I’m confused and out of my depth, I’m running out of breath, I’m no longer focused on my life, all I think about is death, I can’t accept reality, my mind has kept… Hold of valuable memories, I feel […]

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A Girl Called Star

I saw a girl with a beautiful body, which made me fantasise, Built upon perfection, I’m not the first person to realise… This, I can’t take my eyes off of her lips, Juicy red and destined for a passionate kiss, I loved the way she looked and the way she moved her hips, Once you […]

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Evil Eagle

The eagle stood tall, drooling over its prey, In the distance, it’s beady eyes watch it closely all throughout the day, Its vicious look, staring out its prey, The predator is ready, it is time to play, The eagle rules the Rocky Mountains with his crooked smile, Wait until the prey notices him, his food […]

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The Rage Of Flames

The hungry burn of the flames ready to vegetate and kill every living thing in its way, It’s only pleasure is to burn wood and hay, The trees turn black like coal, the leaves turn crisp, I see black smog sleeping in the mist, Satan’s sidekick speeds and spreads through the woods that will soon […]

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Absent Minded

Take a look inside empty hearts, Where remorse and compassion cannot be found, The darkness of a corrupted soul, Searching for some non-existent light, Eternally shackled and Hellbound, Feeling cold inside, With freezing blood pumping through icy veins, No longer Human, Losing touch with society, uncontrollably insane, With the razor blade firmly in hand, Slowly […]

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Life’s A Bitch

Life’s a bitch so I can never love her, I’m depressing my friends and my mother, With my suicidal thoughts, late at night I shed tears under my covers, I may end my existence this summer, As I have nothing to live for, I’m rock bottom, I represent the gutter, the rogues and the rotten, […]

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My Divine crush 

  All my life, I’ve been alone, unappreciated and misunderstood, Always feeling down, trying to keep my head up, still I don’t feel good, I feel far from loved, it seems like I don’t exist at all, I’m still waiting to be hugged, I’m still waiting to be kissed, I’m still waiting to be accepted, […]

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