Poems and Dreams

  Ambiguous poems and dreams, Struggling to comprehend what they mean, Hidden messages sown into written verse, An aura of mystique, so unique and diverse, The shadows of Souls speak and leak through a Poet’s pen, Trying to reach the hearts of Earthly, mere mortal men, Attempting to educate them, hidden gems bless the eyes, […]

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A Winter Wonderland

  Snow falls and settles onto the ground, Green grass cannot be found, The clouds painted the surface white, There isn’t a blade of grass in sight, On the snow covered hills, Ice cold winter chills, The gelid breath of the winter Gods, Children build a snowman and name him Todd, But unfortunately Mr.Carrot Nose […]

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  December the 6th was a sad desolate night, For nearly 4 weeks you fought hard, the light… Started to fade into darkness, as you grew weak, face gaunt and pale white, You battled for your life, now you were losing the fight, When the news hit me, the ship in my heart sank, I […]

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King Of The Mountain

  King of the Mountain, everybody stands and stares, Gawking at the handsome man walking down the stairs, The champion of the World, renowned and huge everywhere, Charming, charismatic and flamboyant, a rare… Breed, flashing a Rolex smile, walking on air, I have got so much flare and style like Ric Flair, But I don’t […]

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If I Sleep

  Living in the moment, planning out the future, Thinking deep, I dream of World Peace, But the World will perish if I sleep.     Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington) Originally Written: Tuesday 17th October 2017

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Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere.

I’m on my way to work. A cyclist on a bicycle cycles past me, I think to myself; “He’s going somewhere”. Motorists drive past me, some drive fancy cars, others drive in less desirable cars, regardless I believe they are all driving somewhere. The train travelling on the tracks over the bridge I walk under […]

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