War Poem

  My silver, sharp knife, My rusty, dark gun, A man, a hero to some, A shooter, A killer, A Soldier doing his job, A life saver, a life ender, Playing the role of God, Too late to rescue this lost Soul from damnation, Who was I to be? A Martyr? Or a Saviour? A […]

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Cosmic Dust

The Elite few rule the World, Attempting to control the minds of little boys and girls, With intentions to create mad men and mad women, Heads are spinning, people are sinning, The majority are out of control, the minority are grinning, It is all a game and the Elite are winning, People fight their wars, […]

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Spaceship Poet

I’m an Extra-Terrestrial wizard, an out of this World P-O-E-T, Erasing my past misery, making history, creating life with words in poetry, I’m like God without the G, replace it and at the end add an extra D, Do the math, then you get me, as odd as odd can be, Definitely an oddity, rare […]

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Royal Banquet 

The elders gathered for the feast, a royal banquet, Surrounded by serene souls full of warmth like a winter blanket, Kings and Queens of sagacity, the enlightened ones, Adorned with golden crowns symbolising the shining Sun, Beings of divine quality and regality, God’s daughters and sons, Breathing the air of the Gods, enhancing the power […]

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A Soul Entombed In Darkness

Last night I closed my eyes, I could feel my Soul leave my body. My Spirit removed the boulder which guarded and secured the tomb which consumed it. No longer do the dark grey clouds obscure the Sun. I could finally see. Ignorance and matter no longer clouded my vision or my judgement. I could […]

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The old are supposed to be wise, but sometimes they are not, I have got a lot of questions to ask, they need answering, But like me they don’t have the answers, so who does? A chosen few who seem to hide with the shadows in the night, Who is wrong? Who is right? Young […]

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