Loving Life

Today is my birthday, which means I’m celebrating the day I was born, I’ve made it this far, I’ve survived many battles, wars and storms, I’m thankful to God for giving me another day on this Earth, Today is just as remarkable and as valuable as the first, I thank God for been there with […]

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The Gods Have Spoken

The gift of love comes from the Heavens above and beyond, And touches the sensational Souls of two fish swimming in a pond, The Wizards of Love waved their magic wands, And there blossomed an unbreakable bond, We are completely compatible, our Souls bonded and corresponded, And positively responded to the call of Love from […]

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Like Winning The Super Bowl

Life is swell, life is great, thank God I found my Soul mate, You were well worth the wait, it’s like I’ve opened Heaven’s gates, I appreciate you darling, thanks for raising my self-esteem, My gorgeous queen, delicious like strawberries and cream, The lady of my dreams, I’m a fiend for your love, I’m addicted […]

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Watching Icarus Fly

There’s an undying desire and fire in my eyes, When I watch Icarus fly, But I don’t want to fly… Too close to the Sun as I don’t want to fry, I guess the Gods can wait for me on a cloud in the sky, I want to live one more day, before I die. […]

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Broken Soul

Staring at the wreckage of a Lost Soul, Broken Mirrors and broken windows, Cursed with bad luck, eternal agony and woe, Hearing echoes of Haunting Screams from long ago, Watching shadows morph into the darkness, As Dreams fade and die. Originally Written: Thursday 21st January 2021 Image found on google.

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Crucified Poetry

I speak the truth, so I have so many enemies, I’m becoming a real pest, their remedy, Is to silence me and tarnish my memory and my legacy, So nobody on Earth will ever remember me, I block out the negative energy and focus on my goals, God is guiding me, blessing my immortal Soul, […]

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God And My Father

God and my Father watch over me, seeing if I can deliver, I look up to them, both I deem the supreme life givers, I look back down and see their eyes reflecting in the river, The thought of disappointing them makes me quiver and shiver, I cannot disappoint my two Fathers, I would rather… […]

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Gazing At The Night Sky

A Splendid image caught my eye, And it fluttered inside my mind like a butterfly, Staring at God’s canvas way up high, The infinite beauty makes a grown man cry, I’m gazing at Something greater than I, The twinkling stars of the night sky, Twinkle and illuminate my ocean blue eyes, I’m staring at a […]

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Five Years Without A Father

Five Years Without a father, a dear friend I can’t replace, You set the pace, every night I chase your ghost like stars in space, When I dream, it’s like I’m peaking into Heaven just to see your face, But God quickly closes the curtain, because I’m a stranger to a distant place, . Five […]

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Another War Story

I’m equipped with heavy artillery, Suited and booted like the military, I’m firing missiles at the Devil’s Holy Demon Army, And on God’s green Earth, these bastards can never harm me, My weapons of mass destruction cause combustion, An introduction to Hell on Earth and volcanic eruptions, My adversaries are burning up son, demonic deduction, […]

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