My Final Sentence

Alone with my misery, the one friend that can be found, Silence was abounds, now I can’t hear any sound, Wearing a crown of depression, loneliness and darkness is all around, They surround me and hound me, I’m down in the dumps shackled and hell bound, Am I in Hell now? I can feel the […]

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From Betrayal To Love

Friends blew away in the wind like plastic bags and dust, I was a friend one could trust, I was loyal and dependable like a dog, Then you disappeared into the fog, When times got rough and hard, You left me all alone in the yard, You quit, you no longer supported me, I was […]

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Half A Decade Together

Half a decade spent together and during that time my father died, So many sleepless nights, I was deeply traumatised, eye open wide, I was horrified, every day and night I cried, contemplating suicide, You could have left me, but you stayed by my side, you didn’t run away or hide, You remained loyal and […]

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Another Love Poem

I’m writing a love poem, let me begin, The story started the moment I scored my first win, When it appeared hope was dim and growing thin, An Angel with wings appeared out of nowhere to wipe away my sin, She saved my life, blessed with true beauty within, Gorgeous green eyes and smooth and […]

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Lost The Will To Live

I’ve lost the strength to fight and the passion to write, There will be no brighter day after tonight, It will be the end of the World as I know it, I’ve suffered with depression and I’ve failed to out grow it, I had the talent to do more, but I failed to show it, […]

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Winter Gods (Secrets)

The Winter Gods whisper secrets into my ears, lost in the ice age, Frozen in time, trying to escape like my Soul trapped inside my rib cage, Gelid Gods have put their trust in me to educate young minds like a Sage, But the Pen they handed to me is too heavy and I can’t […]

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The Road to Self Improvement

I’m Perspicacious and sagacious on the road to becoming wise, I have my flaws, but I must not fall, I must stay on my feet and rise, Life is about overcoming obstacles and failure and growing in stature and size, Truth, Love and Wisdom, should be enough to conquer ignorance, hate and lies, I’m evolving, […]

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