I’m A Pen

I identify as a pen, I’m a Poet’s best friend, You can depend on me, To write Pulchritudinous poetry, But am I past my best? Is it time for me to rest? It’s been a while since I last snoozed, Perhaps I’ve been overused, I’ve been writing for the longest time, I’ve tattooed so many […]

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The Best Version Of Myself

I’m fully focused on self improvement, I’m self disciplined, All those bad habits are now blowing in the wind, I’m trying to get fitter, faster and stronger, Because I love life and I want to live longer, Life is a blessing and I will cherish every single second I get, I aim to live a […]

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More Alive Than Me

I can’t remember the last time I smiled or felt any thing close to joy inside my heart. I lost the Will to live a long time ago. I lack energy and I lack purpose. I don’t know what motivates my heart to keep on ticking, but certainly it isn’t me. I spend most of […]

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Far From Perfect

I’m misunderstood by my peers, but I know God knows me, He knows my flaws and my strengths, the future is rosy, Because I have God on my side, I don’t care what others think, I’ve squashed my ego like a bug and smudged it like ink, I’ve let go of my past and cast […]

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Twenty Nine

Bless your sweet heart and your creative mind, Plus your eternal Soul which intertwined with mine, I’m a Pisces, fine, but Aries is your star sign, Opposites attract, love is blind, indeed our Souls do rhyme, Today you’ve turned twenty nine, life isn’t a straight line, Perhaps you wish you could turn back the hands […]

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A Way Of Life

“ Christianity is not a religion, it’s a way of life which prepares the spirit for the life hereafter.” Originally Written: Sunday 3rd April 2022 Image found on google.

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In A Rush

On a journey, Stop! There are road blocks, Some people travel alone, others travel in flocks, Life is full of many mysteries, surprises, thrills and shocks, Chasing dreams, racing against the hands on the clock, In a rush to die, red lights, life is like a traffic jam, My plan is to write as much […]

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Nine Years

Our love is right, far from wrong, Far from weak, our love is strong, Nine years hasn’t felt that long, So where has the time gone? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, Like a bullet fired from a loaded gun, We feel the sun kiss our skin, the sun is shining, It’s […]

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