Necro –

A dead girl, A dead World, A dead boy, Dead joy, Whispers from beyond, Too deaf to respond, A spokesman silenced, By disease and violence, Another victim of the plague, Their spirits are too vague, To see, with ash filled eyes, It burns when I cry.     Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington) […]

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An Army Of Demons

I try to walk steady as I carry my pain like a suitcase, Red eyes I cry it’s heavy, I brought it with me to my new place, Forget big boulders, I’m carrying the whole World on my shoulders, It grows heavier as I grow older, I’m trying my best to stay strong like a […]

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The Fingerprints of a Prince

The fingerprints of a Prince, Links to the Crown, his Father is so convinced, His Son can rule since he understands the Art Of War, He has studied the laws, so he knows what’s in store, He is armed with the sharpest sword, He keeps an eye on all the barons and lords, His prowess, […]

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God Spoke To Me…

God spoke to me in mathematics, The universal language, God sprayed knowledge like an automatic… Weapon, now I wear a bandage, Wounded by wisdom, I don’t need stitches, Because truth, love and wisdom are universal riches, At first the wisdom was too much to take, The impact hit me harder than an earthquake, It rattled […]

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A Gallery Of Gravestones

I’m walking through the cemetery, the pavement begins to crack, I wonder if lost souls now travel in packs? The sky is dark, I reflect the mood, I’m dressed in black, Staring at a gallery of gravestones of people who won’t be coming back, The dead share the graveyard, from a distance they stare, At […]

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God Bless The Dead

God bless the dead, many people died way before their time, Before they climbed the mountain and reached their prime, Fate robbed them of their potential, they could have been sublime, But we will never know, as they never got the chance to shine, Who knows, these people could have turned water into wine, Like […]

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God And I

I don’t need to go to Church to talk to God, I talk with God everyday inside my space pod, It’s odd, but God and I share the same body, bones and flesh, God gave me the heart that beats loudly and proudly inside my chest, God gave me life and God gave me breath, […]

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