Building an Empire

Most people cannot be trusted at all, After all company is one’s downfall, I wasn’t put on this Planet to make friends, I was put on this Planet to write classics with my pen, I’m creating Worlds hoping for a positive reaction, Writing gives me pure joy and permanent satisfaction, Whereas fake friends lead to […]

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Encrusted Diamond In The Sky

I dedicate this poem to my soulmate, my future wife, I was dead and buried, you brought me back to life, You gave me some good advice and offered me a slice of Paradise, You are my saviour, the female version of Christ, You washed away my past sins, You keep on intoxicating my brain […]

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Dreaming Of A Better World

I close my tired eyes and I dream of a better World, A place to raise baby boys and baby girls, A peaceful planet where everybody gets along, A place where the weak are guided by the strong, A place full of righteous people who never do anything wrong, A place without prejudice, a World […]

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The Hefty,Hands Of Time

The immortal Godly hands of time wrap their large and hefty hands around my puny pint sized neck. As the clock ticks, the fear flowing within intensifies. My heart beats quicker than a sprinting cheetah running away from blood thirsty, bone crunching predators desperate to sink their razor sharp teeth into its weak and mortal […]

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Strangled By Grief

I can’t hold back these tears inside, God knows for three years I cried, Those mournful tears still haven’t dried, If I ever said I was fine dear, then I lied, I’ve lost my step, I’ve lost my stride, I’ve lost my confidence, I’ve lost my pride, I lost my Soul the day my Father […]

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The Day I Lost My Smile

One day this pen will run out of ink, when… The flame burns out, the melted wax will signal the end, I’m still living, but life is not the same without you my friend, You’re my Father, the man I will never see again, As time escapes me, with every passing day, The sound of […]

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Hatred And Fear

Since when was life ever good? Dead bodies rest beneath the mud, Murdered by those who oppose a thing called love, I feel like an Alien from the sky above, I don’t belong here, I’m misunderstood, A stranger walking through the wrong neighbourhood, I feel like a kid lost in the woods, I’ve lost all […]

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