Making Love Happen

  We’ve always been two birds of the same feather, we flock together, We’ve flown through high turbulent winds, surviving stormy weather, In the present, I’m digging for the buried treasure, Experiencing a piece of Heaven and permanent pleasure, Purified people feeling better than ever, in it together, Forever, our pulsating passion is everlasting it […]

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Evil Lives

Some flowers never grow, others begin to blossom, Those who reach the top can quickly hit rock bottom, Envy is a poison, and fresh fruit can soon turn rotten, Everything that is precious can quickly disappear into nothing, The hardest thing for a person to do is close the lid on a coffin, The mind […]

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No Silver Lining

The life of a bum, poverty stricken, he barely had any money, His life was just one big fat joke and he never found the joke funny, He couldn’t afford to pay the heating bill, his nose was always runny, Everyday was one big thunder storm, his days were never ever sunny, Dark clouds hovered […]

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Eternally Grateful And Lucky

For years I felt sorry for myself, wallowing in self pity, Now I’ve realised how selfish I was, there’s people living in this city, Never mind the World, worse off than me, their situation is less than pretty, Addiction and strife, zombies and strangers in life, no sense of humour at least I’m witty, I […]

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Rich Like Trump

I don’t want to be an old grump, Down in the dumps, Feeling like a chump, All I want to be is rich like Trump,   I don’t want to be an old grump, Down in the dumps, Feeling like a chump, All I want to be is rich like Trump,     When I […]

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God Is King

All People were created equal, so there’s no need for Kings and Queens, Humans ruling humans, only God reigns and rules supreme, The World is falling apart, but please don’t expect God to intervene, We must solve our own problems in order to accomplish our dreams,   See God exists inside the untampered hearts of […]

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The Devil’s Son

As this wild wicked World spins, The Devil’s Son grins drinking blood not gin, How intoxicating, he’s addicted to a life of sin, He’s playing a game he will never win, Defying God’s orders, refusing to give in, He’s rebellious and mysterious like the Jinn, So unnatural, maybe he’s a supernatural creature, A strange spirit […]

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