The Wind

Deadly, as fierce as a torpedo,

feel the fear and anxiety grow,

rivers rage out of control struggling to flow,

at war with the weather, know your foe,


I’m improper and iniquitous, far from nice,

sharper than a knife, I live life and I kill ice,

The World’s frozen tears break in half, evolving into a wintry bath,

the aftermath of nefarious activities, listen to an invisible mad man laugh,


Immoral and sinister, I like to freeze you all to death,

with my chilly, bone chilling, brisk, piercing, sub-zero breath,

Intelligent, invisible and insane, pain is my name,

I’m never the same, I adapt, I change, destruction is my aim and my game,


I tear down trees, I darken a bright day, the sky is grey,

I’m baleful and eerie, I’m here to stay, the desert sands run away,

I crush the air, Earthlings endure my everlasting pain,

I’m the storm that never ends, thunderous, I kill rain…


Sunshine is blocked, I dismantle and disassemble snow,

with one plunderous puffy blow, carnage is my main M.O,

I’m pillaging, taking everything you own, it all has to go,

Playing the role of God, I slow things down so they can’t rise and grow,


I don’t like hot summers, I disappear then comeback for joyful winters,

My season has started, I come out of the blocks faster than all the World’s sprinters,

I’m also the marathon man, I have incredible stamina, I never stop,

until things drop I can last the distance, I’m lifting up the rooftops,


An inimical power, I ravage flowers, I’m dreadful, no good and violent,

I’m a savage, I’m jarring, raucous and strident, I turn the World silent,

I’m injurious and deleterious to Mother Earth’s health,

I can freeze you with my brassy blow, my magic blow; I store like wealth,


The sky is my mirror only I can see my graven image and reflection, I am vain,

I love my malicious looks, I love causing destruction and pain,

The terror of the family, I might be Evil, but I’m honest, I am to blame…

for ruining your day, I will never wane, I grow stronger as I maim…


Everything in sight, forget hot sunny days, I love cold windy nights,

I love to fight with family members, they are wrong I am right,

Like I said I am the terror of the family, I can’t be seen by you ignorant blind fools,

You can feel me though…

the Devil drools,

I hate my cousin breeze, he’s too calm and cool,


I live by my own rules, I’m deafening, I am one powerful Hell of a guy,

I’m horrible, I just tore your house down, all you can do is ask why?

I have a pernicious influence on this Planet, causing wreckage and havoc in your town,

Clutter, loud sounds,

the lost can’t be found,

I can lift the World and turn it upside down.


By The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: 22/05/2016












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