Bless your mind may your thoughts be pure,

May my words give you confidence when you feel insecure,

Try to be positive, negative thoughts corrode the brain,

Hatred of others only breeds more pain,

People are individuals just like you,

So bless your head I hope your dreams come true,


Bless your heart and may you fall in love,

So you can feel divine like the Gods above,

God bless the free thinkers, only a few are left,

If you engage in verbal conflicts you are wasting your breath,

Don’t participate in violence it destroys the flesh,

Like an addict taking heroin and crystal meth,


Resentment, anger and frustration are all a waste of time,

Choose your words carefully like a wordsmith who rhymes,

Bless your family when they need support,

When there’s something on your mind please share your thoughts,

Bless your soul and be proud of who you are,

May you shine through the darkness like the brightest star,


Bless your eyes may they see the truth,

God exists look deep within yourself, you can see the proof,

Your body is a temple without the roof,

May you use your new found wisdom to teach the youth,

God bless your health, may you always listen to good advice,

Live a humble life or follow your footsteps to Paradise.


By The Perspicacious Outcast(John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: 13th October 2016



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