Open Mic Night

It’s open mic night, it’s packed and crowded tonight,

I need to relax as I am nervous, Will I perform right?

Or Will I resemble a deer caught in the headlights?

I hope to God in Paradise I don’t get stage fright,

Will I crumble under pressure and quiver and shiver?

Or will words flow like a river when I deliver?

I don’t want to defecate in my pants and blow this chance,

I must face my fears in order to improve and advance,

I drank alcohol to calm the nerves I hope I don’t piss myself on stage,

My life is a book I want to share my verses written on this page,

Will this timid wordsmith express his joy, sadness and rage?

Will this secluded Poet finally escape from his cage?

There are butterflies inside my stomach, I feel uneasy, queasy and sick,

This opportunity has made me nauseous and anxious the clock continues to tick,

I must quickly get it together, I can’t blow this as my time is soon,

I must shine through the darkness like the stars and moon,

I don’t want to choke on the mic in front of this large crowd,

I want them to hear me from front to back clear and loud,

I question myself; Am I good enough? I need to squash these doubts,

It gets me down as poetry is one thing I can’t live without,

Poetry is the heart that enables me to breathe,

I must believe in myself in order to achieve,

I can’t leave and walk around living life unnoticed,

I must put myself out there, this is my chance to do so and I know this,

I’m overthinking; asking myself If I will be hated or revered?

The moment of truth is amongst us I must murder my fears,

Clear my mind of negative thoughts and focus on my stories,

Every person fails, but the gifted transform failure into glory,

I’ve got nothing to fear as I am a man with nothing to lose,

I choose my words carefully, this man now has something to prove,

I’m the opening act maybe one day I will close the show,

I must stop writing as it is my time to perform here I go.



By The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Written and Completed: 17th February 2017




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