Hercules And Isis


Depression is a killer, so many of its victims died,

I block out the negative thoughts, I refuse to commit suicide,

I’m not going to lie, there were many nights I cried,

The tears still haven’t dried, my poems are honest my pen has never lied,

I’m not afraid to express my sensitive and my feminine side,

I don’t sequester my feelings as I’ve got nothing to hide,

I express myself in my poetry it eases my pain,

It frees my brain from chains, taking a jog down memory lane,

I reflect on the past,

Concentrate on the present,

and I dream about the future,

Everyday I attend the class of life, I am the student and the tutor,

My noodle,

is like google,

My brilliant brain contains more data than a computer,

Words are weapons, with the pen I’m a sharp shooter,

Some of my poems are simple,

others are complex riddles and puzzles for you to solve,

We must learn how to deal with death,

and learn from bad experiences in order to evolve,

Last year I suffered a lot, I couldn’t take the pain any longer,

Until I found the strength from within what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,

I looked deep into my soul and I found the Mother Goddess Isis,

She nurtures and mothers me whenever there’s a crisis,

Deep within myself I found Hercules he gave me strength when I felt weak,

I’ve said enough already it’s time to let another perspicacious poet speak.


Written by: The Perspicacious Poet (John Paul Harrington)

Originally completed: Friday 14th October 2016





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