Once upon a time the dinosaur of love laid an egg and it hatched,
Two souls quickly connected now they are forever attached,
Inseparable like Siamese twins that can’t be cut, stitched or patched,
Now their fecundity and will and desire to grow is universally unmatched,
The whole world will one day marvel at their willingness to reach and touch the sun,
The heat won’t burn them as together they are too powerful as one,
Two fluorescent flowers begin to burgeon forever in bloom in the garden of God,
Two peas in a pod; Are we but two numbers, one even and one odd?

Opposites attract ask the magnets if you don’t believe me,
Love is a game, but finding the right person to play it with isn’t easy,
I searched long and hard, remaining patient I played my cards,
I dealt with disappointment, but I never gave up on love as I’m a bard,
It is not in my nature to lose hope as I am a lover at heart,
This poet had everything, but love was missing from his art,
I always felt the Gods were on my side so I looked up at the stars,
I wished upon the brightest and for me its light melted the steel prison bars,

When I found my soul mate I felt like a Christian reborn,
Face to face with perfection, a red rose without thorns,
When the eggs of happiness and love hatched my life finally started,
Never again will I feel miserable, alone and broken hearted,
We were cultivated for our beauty and talent to be the perfect match,
Your pulchritudinous petals prove you are quite the catch,
Our love is abundant this has been evident since time immemorial,
We will show the World how to love again here’s a tutorial…

Has the World learned how to love and leave the violence in the past?
You should never step into a relationship if you know it won’t last,
Since the beginning of time my Lady and I were destined to be together,
Advanced Pythagorean Mathematics; True love plus commitment equals forever,
Our hearts beat for one another so we will never drift apart,
The journey had a start, we are immortalised in pictures, poems and art,
There is no end for us, this is the quintessence of love,
The Gods we trust smile and rejoice looking down on us from up above.

Artwork by: The Perspicacious Outcast(John Paul Harrington)
Written by: The perspicacious Outcast(John Paul Harrington)
Completed on the 11th February 2017


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