My Father And Amelia

Amelia Lojewski, thank you for your undying love and abundant support over these last fifteen months without you I would have fallen apart. This day is a special day for us for many reasons; one being our engagement last year and another being my father’s birthday. The big man would have been 55 years old today and we owe it to him and ourselves to make him proud. Nobody will know how much it hurts knowing that he will not be here to see us on our journey. His presence and spirit will forever be here and in a way that makes me smile, but I do miss our conversations. Happy Birthday Dad. Father and Amelia I love you both infinitely, always and forever, forever and always. You both share a place in my heart, soul and mind for eternity.



Written today 4th Of March 2017 by The Perspicacious Outcast(John Paul Harrington)


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