Pyramid Of Love


You resurrected my heart after it died on a crucifix,

You saved my Soul, I swear you are perfect like the number six,

March the 15th 2013 was the first night we shared a kiss,

The moment Cupid shot his arrow thank God he didn’t miss,

They say time is money, well we have spent four years together,

We think alike and it feels like I have known you forever,

We are so compatible together like butter on toast,

I have a lot of love to give and I love you the most,

We are close and full of emotion like the Ocean and the coast,

Our love is spiritual, we will still love each other when we are ghosts,

One day we will touch the shining stars above,

Step by step two lovers build a Pyramid of love,

The gateway to the Gods, aiming to be free like the Masons,

Reading Shakespearean stories written by Sir Francis Bacon,

A new Atlantis, my spirit was asleep, when I met you it was awakened,

Nobody can kill our love not even that lunatic in a mask called Jason,

The weapons of perpetrators don’t scare us, you can wield a machete,

But the power of our love will turn your physical form into confetti,

Flowers grow and our love flows naturally like the river Nile,

And you could give a dying man one more day with your gorgeous smile,

You give me a reason to live and a reason to rhyme,

You reignited the flame in my Soul as you wanted to see it shine,

We are two components of the same infinite and universal mind,

Two architects intricately design a monument so perfect and divine,

Age won’t wither us, we will age better than fine wine,

The four faces of the Pyramid represent our heart, soul, body and mind,

The mysteries are hidden inside, thanks to love we left the past behind,

The future is in the sky, nothing can stop us not even time.




Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Date Written: 15th March 2017

Picture from Pinterest.


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