I’m Irish born, I’m Irish bred,

I’m Irish living soon to be Irish dead,

My Irish heart pumps Irish blood,

My Irish spirit shows Ireland love,

I’m an Irish poet, your Irish friend,

Drinking Irish whisky getting drunk again,

I’m an Irish lover, your hearts I will mend,

I’m a child of Ireland until the end,

I’m an Irish man living in England,

The history of Ireland written on the palm of my hands,

I can hear mother Ireland calling out for me,

I jump onto a boat and I cross the sea,

I’m merrily singing wearing my green Irish hat,

On a journey to Paradise now that’s a fact,

Now I’m drinking Irish Guinness like coal it is black,

I’m singing Irish songs as she welcomes me back.



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Wednesday 8th February 2017

Picture taken by John Paul Harrington in Dublin.

Dedicated to my Grandad John who was born in Charlestown,County Mayo, Republic Of Ireland and my father who was extremely proud of his Irish heritage. Happy St.Patrick’s day.



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