Egypt And Mesopotamia


I roam the Planet freely like a dog without a collar,

With my lady; the one who makes my heart smile and holler,

We have each other so we don’t need your pounds and dollars,

We’d rather read books written by the finest philosophers and scholars,

I’m cognizant of time I’ve just turned twenty five,

I’m by my lady’s side, the Queen Bee of this universal beehive,

Ancient Egypt died, but its mysteries, philosophy, art and literature survived,

Along with the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx they will always be alive,

The Egypt of old is dead, but its achievements will always be remembered and revered,

Making Ancient Egypt immortal, so the end should not be feared,

Mesopotamia has changed, mainly the religion, the people and the name,

But the stories, records, influences and creations will always remain…

inside the brain of Mother Earth like a broken hearted man’s pain,

A read through history is a trip down memory lane,

The Ziggurats still stand, infinity can be seen in a grain of sand,

Two lovers walk abreast hand in hand looking splendid and grand,

One day we will perish and our bodies will decay, there’ll be no more Amelia and John,

It won’t matter where we came from as we’d both be gone,

What matters is what we will have done, Life is too short we don’t have long,

But love will breathe new life after we are gone, our words and spirits will forever live on.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast(John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thurday 23rd February 2017

Picture from google.



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