A Rational Soul



A new galactic poem fresh and clean like the water from a fountain,

Powerful, potent and poetical wise coherent words move mountains,

I’m Counting… stars as I gaze at them amazed in a drunken haze,

I cannot be fazed, I amaze listeners, but I don’t want their praise,

I aim to raise their spirits and give them a bird’s-eye view of the maze,

Young minds no longer in a daze, the struggle isn’t eternal it’s just a phase,

These mundane jobs don’t pay, no raise they dig a grave, I refuse to be a slave for a wage,

I refuse to activate my hate inside of a cage, I display my rage with a pen on a page,

The World is my stage, the pen shoots knowledge into brains with the impact of a 12 gauge,

I’m a modern day philosopher and a sage, the rational soul of this age.



I Pythagoras-W-Text


Written by: The perspicacious Outcast (J.P.Harrington)

Originally Written: Monday 3rd October 2016

Inspired by Pythagoras.

Pictures from Google and from Manly Palmer Hall’s Magnum Opus The Secret Teachings of All Ages.


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