The Rogue’s Theme


Reading often got underdogs exceeding expectations,

Individual personification, Rogues writing with no hesitation,

With pens poets are embracing,

Poets are storytellers that are amazing,

Poets are like artists painting pictures with words using alliteration,

I’m a Poet who hopes his creation, gets a standing ovation,

Because I need the motivation and the confidence to keep on creating,

Poets are dreamers we love to dream,

This is written for the underdogs, this is the Rogue’s Theme,

This is the soundtrack to my life, to be played at night,

I was once quite lonely, I couldn’t find Miss Right,

Until one day I found a girl I liked more than life, I found the light,

She helped me write masterpieces day and night, she is perfect and nice,

My girlfriend is my pen, she is a delight with insight,

She glistens beneath the moonlight,

I then married her, that’s right my pen is my wife,

Together we are on the road to elevation, before we take our vacation,

Let’s write down the last few words to the Rogue’s theme my anthem in this nation.



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written around 2010/2011.

I felt like an underdog at the time, I wanted to turn all the negatives into a positive hence why the word Rogue was chosen to describe myself at that point in my life.

Picture from Pinterest.



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