Legends Never die

Stonehenge, Wiltshire
Sunrise at Summer Solstice (week)


My name is long, I’m a legend like John,

My legacy will grow and carry on way after I am gone,

I’ll be remembered vividly for centuries,

Survive a millennia, well known like the seven seas,

Heavenly… divine, immortalised my poetry is infinitely fat,

A landmark on Earth, like ancient pyramids and ziggurats,

Connect the Earth and the stars, solstices at Stonehenge,

I don’t drive a Mercedes Benz, I fly in spaceships with dead friends,


Legends never die, legends fly high like spaceships in the sky,

Can you see the legend living in my eyes? I write as the World passes by,

I can’t be shy all my life, I don’t want to waste my potential like so many other guys,

Rain drops from the clouds in the sky as the World cries, remember legends never die,


I’m a Hellraiser,

Trying to raise Hell until I reach Heaven to see my father,

Days without him are getting harder and darker,

I write about him as if he was Martin the Martyr,

He died by the bottle,

Still he’s a legend in my eyes, I learn from his mistakes to be smarter,

Constant battles with insanity,

I won’t give up I’m a fighter like Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter,

Instead of turning to the bottle,

I turn to the pen, I write about my life over and over again,

Am I a reflection of the stars?

Or a reflection of men? Time is ticking like Big Ben,

I would rather die a legend than live dormant doing nothing,

The World is so cold, I am coughing…

All the time, I hope to live forever, I’m not stopping,

My life can’t end when I am placed inside a coffin,

It’s imperative that my poetic words touch lives,

Life is too short and precious, I’ve got to be wise,

Legends never die,

They breathe new life after their demise.



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: Tuesday 19th April 2016

Image of Stonehenge found on google.


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