A Leopard…


A leopard never changes its spots,

I am still the same person you knew when you first met me.

I haven’t changed, I’ve evolved.

And not even Charles Darwin himself could explain how a little rascal

Evolved into a potent, powerful, pleasant poet,

The Universe has a plan for me, it has moulded me into something special,

Like ancient Japanese clay pottery.

But I can’t be broken.

I suffer and I get stronger.

The sword in the blacksmith’s hand doesn’t fear the fire, he embraces it.

It was predestined for me to struggle, face my fears and overcome any difficulties.

The universal struggle has made me who I am today, I am thankful to the Gods for blessing me with the courage to fight and the wisdom to comprehend the meaning of life.

I discovered Solomon’s Temple and there I found a pen and a book, they explained to me the reason why I am here.

I am here to plant the seeds of poetry in the garden of art and literature, my very own Eden.

My infinite soul in all its majesty will watch my thoughts and ideas blossom and grow like flowers over time. Enchanting and captivating people I will never physically meet.

Oh the power of pictures and words they touch the soul like the hand of God.

Some words have two meanings bearing two faces. How does one read them?

I am not here to add to the mystery and cause more confusion, I say it how it is.

I may regret some of the things I say, but I am honest in that moment in time which I cannot erase.

I am not two faced like Harvey Dent so I don’t use doublespeak like hypocritical politicians.

I speak the truth.

I stay true to my words and my words stay true to me.

I am true to myself, I always have been and I always will be,

Thus I am true to others.

I am far from perfect, but I have the perfect formula to be myself.

I am like nobody else, and nobody else is like me.

I have made many mistakes, but I learn from them on the narrow road to perfection.

My strengths and weaknesses are clear to see.

My poetry exposes the depths of my mind, heart and soul, nothing is hiding in the darkness, everything about me is revealed to you in the light.

I have the courage to admit who I am, I don’t desperately pretend to be something I am not just to fit in.

I don’t hide behind a mask or a persona.

I am the Perspicacious Outcast.

I am one of a kind.

The World would be boring if everybody was the same.

I love being different I embrace individuality like a mother embraces her new born child.

I can cast personal judgement onto myself.

I can stare into the mirror and I can see my soul stare right back.

I didn’t sell my immortal soul for temporary Earthly pleasures and possessions.

After all longevity matters, that which is temporary disappears like boats and planes in the Bermuda Triangle.

I love and respect myself, I am stubborn, but my stubbornness makes me who I am.

I am me and I will not change for anybody.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast

Originally written: Wednesday 12th April 2017

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