Does It Get Any Better Than This?


Full moon, a star studded sky, owls hooting,

the sound of crickets, night fall symphony, no sirens, no shooting,

Here everything is pretty, rats congregate in the city,

Far way from the filthy gritty urban streets and corrupt committees,

Outdoors where freedom of speech exists, a poet can be witty,

For those trapped in the material prison, you are the ones nature pitys,

Picture peaceful people in unison sat in a circle around a large fire,

A bearded man plays the banjo, tranquility truly admired,

People singing and dancing, silhouettes against the moonlight,

Swaying from side to side, laughter forever echoes throughout the night,

Song and dance in a happy trance living a dream come true,

Nature brings lovers even closer, forever sticking together like glue,

Eating marshmallows, parents reading their children bedtime stories, old fairytales,

Youthful minds engaged, intrigued by the words “a hero always prevails”,

The ship set sail approaching a place where nobody fails,

Shackles and chains no longer choke hands and feet, inmates escaped the jails,

Adults drink homemade ale, many people are scared at night, there’s no need to be scared here,

Enjoy your chalice of beer, Love conquered evil and fear,Human eyes shed happy tears,

Freedom they chose,

eyes closed,

those hippy heads will sleep comfortably tonight,

No worries are in sight,

Strangers in the night feeling alright,

Soon the sun will shine bright,


Waking up to the sound of birds tweeting and chirping,

Music to the ears, a free man can hear his children laughing and burping,

The heart is no longer hurting, the soul is no longer searching, one is happy to exist,

A merry man’s mind thinking does it get any better than this?


Wide awake at daybreak to see the sky change colour, to see the sunrise,

No robotic routines, everyday is different, a new challenge, a welcomed surprise,

Nostrils smell the fresh air, ears hear the bees buzz and the birds chirp and tweet,

Sweet peace, no horns, loud voices, chaos or moving cars, so far away from the city streets,

Eyes view the serene scenery a gorgeous green merry Utopia,

A perfect pleasant peaceful Paradise full of love and ample joy, no fears or phobias,

The peaceful ambiance and vibe of the place can inspire one to create,

Free to express yourself, no stress or bad health, no worries, no violence, no hate,

Appreciate the silence, open arms embracing nature like a mother embraces her child,

The body reunites with the soul, a return to a Human’s true essence, a return to the wild,

Cabins, tents and teepees, home of the free, animals and trees, birds and bees,

Insects crawling, annoying fleas are sometimes all a walking man can see,

Cool breeze, surrounded by natural beauty feeling as happy as one can be,

Infinite satisfaction, rogues roaming in the real world feeling truly free,

Fishes swim in the river, fishermen are fishing in boats, ducks quack, life is good,

Fear has been abolished by nature, nobody is scared of the big grizzly bears in the woods,

Surrounded by gargantuan green hills, mountains, peaks and valleys,

Free from the stressful city life and violent muggings in backstreet alleys,

Freedom at last, trees cast shadows on the hills, happy eyes enjoy the view,

Appreciating moonlit star studded skies and sunny cloudless skies bright blue,


An evening swim in the lake, surrounded by natural light and beauty,

A father with his wife and children,

No longer feeling claustrophobic surrounded by artificial city lights,

houses and unnatural buildings,

Building a future together, the heart is no longer hurting,

The soul is no longer searching, one is just happy to exist,

A merry man’s mind keeps thinking,

Does it get any better than this?


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 28th July 2016

Beautiful image found on google.



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