Prosperity, Peace and Love


If I could change the World then believe me I would,

A sea of violence, I can’t part it like Moses, I’m drowning in the blood,

History repeats itself, the wrath of the Gods and the great flood,

Wars after war, body after body, bombs drop, clonk with a terrific thud,

Burying the bones of brothers and sisters beneath the soggy mud,

Bodies burn in scorching flames as if they were paper and wood,

Most of us are lost in the woods, blinded by the root of nothing good,

They fool us into thinking we are privileged living in safe neighbourhoods,

The prisoners are just as free as us, our rights are complete lies and duds,

The promise of peace on this planet is yet another falsehood,

Materialism and consumerism have confused the population, now they no longer feel good,

We are consumers we buy goods, covering up our insecurities with a sweatshop working slave’s blood,

People would rather be accepted and popular, than be different and misunderstood,

You know you can buy sex, but you can’t buy love,

I miss my Childhood,

Happiness is divine like White doves,

All that is good is high up above,

So I fly my spaceship skyward in my search for Prosperity, peace and love.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

OriginallyWritten: Friday 7th October 2016

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