Somehow, Someway




People cried,

People died,

People lied,

Got my pistol by my side,

Mouth ready to open wide,

Negative vibes,

Positivity slides…

Away, emotions collide,

Always Somewhere to run, but nowhere to hide,

Eyes stare down the barrel of a gun, aqua blue eyes cried,

Tears never dried,

Tragedy arrived,

The soul cried,

Deep inside,

Morbid images leave me horrified,

Thoughts of suicide,

On tour with no guide,

It’s been a long rough lonely ride,

Truth and freedom are hard to find,

Love and wisdom help feed the mind,

Don’t believe everything you are taught,

Lies are one thing my brain aborts,

My soul cannot be bought,

Wondering every night will our dreams get caught?

Low lit room,

Doom, gloom,

And suicidal thoughts,

At war, no one will ever understand the battles we fought,

Can’t give up hope of a brighter day,

I believe we will make it somehow, someway.



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Penned: Thursday 14th July 2016

Image found on Pinterest.






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