Mirror Image

Milky Way over Herbert Lake (Sept 7, 2012)


My lady is the mirror image of my soul.

We started as individual jigsaw pieces,

Which eventually connected our souls together,

and completed the puzzle of love.

The Heavenly stars of love and happiness,

Shine down onto me, but still I have these

terrible nightmares of broken hearts and,

broken mirrors.

Will the fingers of fate pull us both apart?

I hope not, as I was told that this was forever

and after all I thought forever didn’t end.

Without love in my life I would paralyse with fear.

Hopeless and incapacitated I would be unable to move

like a clock with no hands.

Time would stand still.

I would be stationary like a statue frozen by the ice

cold breath of loneliness.

Only the radiant heat of love would be able to melt

the gelid ice which would consume me to a lifetime

of misery and doom.

Love is a saviour, it saved my soul.

I was once divided and torn apart inside.

My soul mate was the missing piece of my puzzle.

I don’t want to lose her, as without her I am only

half a man.



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: Thursday 20th April 2017

Picture found on google.




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