Dreams And Doodles

la-et-mn-ca-new-once-upon-a-time-20140928I’m a philosophical poet, I’ve been influenced by the philosophies…

Of Confucius, Niccolo Machiavelli, Epicurus, Aristotle, Plato and Socrates,

Their words of wisdom have improved my knowledge and human qualities,

Reading a book is a journey from the contents page to the index and glossaries,

My life is a learning curve, an experience and a spiritual odyssey,

I’ve made many mistakes, I offer the universe my dearest apologies,

I’m a good person, I’ve never adhered to evil or committed any atrocities,

I’ve learned from my mistakes, finding peace within is like winning the lottery,

I’ve done so many great things, I’ve written poetry, I’ve made prophecies,

I know that one day my philosophies will conquer evil and kill hypocrisy,

Real democracies will emerge in this World, people will behave properly,

Earth will have a prosperous economy, with affordable properties,

My words will bring joy, universal peace, happiness and equality,

Expanding peoples brains like Empires extending colonies,

I know that my heart, mind and soul, my talent, determination and honesty,

Will get me to the very top, people will adore my poetry, philosophies and policies,

As much as I adore Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone, two brilliant minds,

That shine like the stars in the evening sky, two sublime talents so divine,

Once Upon A Time In America will always be my favourite movie of all time,

It ages like fine wine, the imagery and music will forever live inside my mind,

An epic poem of violence, tragedy and greed, poverty is so unkind,

Pipe dreams about Friendship, Love and crime, spirits of the dead were left behind,

I often snap like big Max, I have high blood pressure I need to relax,

Life can be distasteful like ear wax, Should I be a criminal as I don’t like paying tax?

I’m clever, thoughtful and sensitive and I reflect on my past like Noodles,

I’m not going to waste my talent like them, I live for my dreams and poetic doodles.



Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally part of a longer poem which I wrote around 2011/2012.

Took a verse from an older poem and reworded it a little.

Written: Tuesday 18th April 2017

Image from the Movie Once Upon A time In America, found on google.





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