A Lover’s Guide To Happiness


Don’t mistreat and manhandle your woman; men,

Love, respect, support and listen to them,

Protect them when they need protecting, pen…

Love letters and poems about your little gem,


Don’t mistreat or manhandle your man; ladies,

Love, respect, support and listen to them even when they sound crazy,

Protect them, like they protect you, the future father of your babies,

Hungry in the morning, make them breakfast in bed when they feel ill or lazy,


Men and women, love, respect and appreciate each other,

You’ve discovered your missing half, don’t lose it you won’t recover,

Express your love, erotic pleasure out of this World underneath the covers,

Making babies, fast forward nine months, be a father and be a mother,


Be parents, be a family, teach your children right from wrong,

The quintessence of  true love, expressed and described in art, poems and songs,

Two soul mates belong together, aim high like opium addicts kicking the gong…

Around, profound exploring ergoenous  zones, it isn’t wrong, love is forever long,


Entering higher dimensions, flying high on the astral plane,

Morphing into a God and a Goddess, sensational spirit advances with the brain,

Heart breaks free from the chains, the value of oneself is the key to this game,

A Lover’s guide to happiness simple and plain the eradicator of pain.


Written by The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: 10/08/2016

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