Depression Is…

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Depression is an invisible parasite, it kills the appetite,

A silent killer, the destroyer of the mind, the anti-Christ,

Eternal darkness replaces all light,

Sunny days turn into never ending dark nights,

Negative thoughts take over the host’s life,

And makes them feel all alone, the future is no longer bright,

The uninvited guest has affected one’s foresight,

The host feels they can only do wrong and never do right,

There is no respite during this painful perennial plight,

It’s like one is stuck in a seat on an endless flight,

But the journey will end as depression is scared of heights,

The plane will crash destroying lives, picture the crash site,

Depression is a war, a soldier must fight and never lose the fight,

But soldiers sometimes grow tired of fighting like a poet who no longer wants to write,

Depending on the person, depression is an abusive, controlling husband of wife,

Forced into marriage, can’t request a divorce, the prisoner is married to depression for life,

Only death can separate the two like the sword of a knight,

The mental conflicts harm the heart like a dart, stressful is one’s strife,

The reflection of Hell can be seen in the blade of a clutched knife,

One often contemplates ending their sad, lonely and miserable life,

In desperate need of help, support and good advice,

Anti-depressants and medication are not the answer, they make one feel twice…

As bad to be precise, avoid them like head lice,

Life is a bitch and bitches are not nice,

The blood was once warm now it is colder than ice,

Life didn’t go to plan rolling the dice,

You only get to roll it once, you don’t get to roll it twice,

There are no second chances whoever said life was nice?

The World is a massive pie and everybody wants a slice,

Some get to taste it and eat it, many men paid the price,

Society eats its children as if they are chicken and rice,

The greed kicks in and many choose to sacrifice,

Treacherous traitors turn on friends, men turn into mice,

People don’t understand what depression is like and how it traps the soul into a vice,

Life is sacred, it is a blessing , it can’t be measured with a measuring device,

One day Hell will freeze over and Earth will be covered in ice,

Many dream of the afterlife escaping Earth a planet full of crime and vice,

But Earth is already in space, so why can’t it be Paradise?



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Dedicated to a friend who tried killing himself last year, thankfully he survived. Also drawn from my own experiences and battles with depression.

Originally written: Tuesday 8th November 2016

Picture found on google.


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