Heart Of Gold


I’m not lying, baby you are the best,

I’ll protect you like a bullet proof vest,

I can hear your heart beating behind your breast,

If I could open up your treasure chest…

I would find before my eyes a heart of gold,

Way too precious for clumsy hands to ever hold,

I value your soul as I know it was never sold,

Your kindness could light up a World so dark and cold,

Only honest and true words jump off of your tongue…

Hitting my eardrums, you give me light, we are young,

When I am down, you reassure me that I am number one,

I’m like the moon and you are like the sun,

I feed off of your energy, without your divine…

Light I wouldn’t shine, I thank the Gods all the time,

I can’t believe you are mine,

You are a radiant star in your prime,

You are a tree, I love tasting your fruit as they have so much flavour,

You are so generous, you are always doing people favours,

You are full of warmth, your heart is hotter than the equator,

You are a munificent gift, there is no one greater,

You bring peace and balance to the force without using a lightsaber,

When I stared death in the face you were my life saver,

When I was in dire straits you were my one and only saviour,

You calmed me down, now I am on my best behaviour,

I go up an elevator of emotions feeling blessed,

You changed my life for the best I am impressed,

Poetry is the only way my love for you can be expressed,

You reinforced me with confidence, I am well dressed,

I feel good about myself, you told me I’m the best,

You make me so happy, I never want to leave our love nest,

I’m glad you opened up to me, life is an arduous quest,

I found your heart of gold stored inside your treasure chest.

Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: Wednesday 29th March 2017

Picture found on google images.


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