The Key and The Door



The bearer of truth, love and wisdom doesn’t just open the door for the seeker of these things, but the bearer does hand the key which can open the door for the seeker. If the seeker accepts the key, perseveres and doesn’t give up their pursuit to open the door, they will eventually be rewarded and granted entry into the mysterious realm in which the enlightened souls of the World dwell.

The neophyte must concentrate when turning the sacred golden key in the rusty stubborn keyhole. The door is difficult to open and one must remain committed to the course. The Gods made it difficult for a reason, the door protects the things one seeks from dropping into the wrong hands. You have to gain the trust of the Gods and the door in order to be allowed entry.

The initiation into the unknown is an arduous quest and a true test of character and endurance. Once the door is convinced the neophyte can be trusted with the treasures which it has guarded from the profane and greedy, the door will open and the seeker will attain the three things he or she desires the most.



Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: Wednesday 19th April 2017

Influenced by the mysteries of old.

Picture found on google.


2 thoughts on “The Key and The Door

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes it is my idea. Truth, love and wisdom I believe are the three essentials of existence. I have been influenced by the mystery schools of old. I enjoy reading books on philosophy, the occult and Ancient history and many of the authors and scholars give lots of information, but I feel they are holding back in a way so the reader researches more on the topic they are discussing. So the metaphor is they don’t open the door to the things one seeks but they give you the key.


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