Melvin’s Story



Hello officer dressed in blue,

Here is my statement, how do you do?

I’m distraught as you can see, I’m broken and you…

Can’t fix me with glue,

I’m falling apart like an old pair of shoes,

Will I make it through the day?

Or Will I fade away,

and lose?

My name is Melivin, the story I am telling you is true,

The bearer of bad news, my father left when I was age two,

I lived with my mother and my brother in a house without heat,

Is my daddy dead or alive? In prison or on the streets?

In all honesty I don’t know and I don’t care,

He left us on our own that shit is wrong and unfair,

All I know is my daddy is long gone, he will never come back,

My mama felt unwanted so she started smoking crack,

We live in a classist society it affects both white and black,

Racism is still a problem just ask my big brother Zack,


People are so uneducated, there are so many stupid ignorant fools,

Do we blame the parents? Or Do we blame the schools?

The education system is a joke, true wisdom is second best,

It’s all about reaching targets and children passing tests,

Teachers teach us nothing, they leave us unprepared…

for society, the damage could be repaired if the government actually cared,

So many young people feel weak, their vision for the future is impaired,

And that’s why so many teenagers commit suicide as they are scared,

Does the government really care that our parents are present but not there?

Many parents ignore their children, technology or drugs takes them elsewhere,

Instead of communicating with their kids they watch T.V sat in a chair,

Imagine having a single mother on welfare lost in a trance staring at the stairs,

Thank God nobody reported her to social services, the system would let us down,

Foster homes sound like Hell, they mess you around and move you out of town,


They say home is where the heart is, well then mine’s a broken heart,

A dead beat daddy and drugs tore our family apart,

A house with no electricity on, I’m lighting candles in the dark,

Mama’s in the other room smoking crack she bought from a dealer in the park,

She couldn’t even support herself so how could she support me and my brother?

I knew she would never recover,

I love her,

But I lost so much respect for my mother,

She relied on government handouts and spent that on drugs,

Instead of on us, Are you surprised Zack turned into a street thug?

He had to quit school as somebody had to pay the bills,

Somebody had to clothe and feed me before I turned ill,

The streets are menacing and treacherous, people get killed,

Blood spills on a daily basis, these killers are trained and highly skilled,

I don’t know if Zack got involved in violence, so it isn’t for me to say,

But if he did kill somebody I wouldn’t tell you people anyway,

As they don’t like you talking to cops where I come from,

If you talk your body drops like a fallen soldier in the battle of the Somme,

I’m only talking to you now as I’ve got a story to tell,

All I know about the drug game is drugs sell and it’s Hell,

Hell on planet Earth, the war on drugs tears families apart,

When will this madness end? And when did it start?


Cold tears drop into my hot mug of coffee,

I am sorry, I am upset, this situation is sticky like toffee,

I don’t know what the future holds for me, failure or glory?

I’m going off on a tangent, I will continue my story,

Zack was too young to get a regular job, he couldn’t sulk or shrug,

He had no other choice but to join the vicious cycle and sell drugs,

Imagine having a mother as an addict and a brother as a dealer,

It isn’t good for the mind, I think I need a mind healer,

My brother sold drugs for a while, he was making lots of money,

But the drug game can get violent, he didn’t find that funny,

It is hard to escape it like the matrix, most either die or go to jail,

Success seems out of reach when you seem destined to fail,

We live in a materialistic World, we all want the flashy things,

The Mercedes Benz, the Versace suit, a Rolex and diamond rings,

But my big brother Zack just wanted to put clothes on my back,

He wasn’t interested in large stacks of cash as money is like crack,

You can get addicted to it once it puts you under its spell,

First it takes you to Heaven, then it takes you to Hell,


Money breeds jealousy and Zack knew that as he was smart,

He knew it meant nothing if your pockets were fat, but you didn’t have heart,

My brother was a drug dealer for two years he spoke in code,

He always told me not to follow him down the same road,

He saw greatness in me which nobody else could see,

He had faith in me, he believed I could break free…

From the chains of poverty and be whatever I wanted to be,

He was like my father and my brother always taking care of me,

He could see that I was a younger version of him, we both had a voice,

He had the same potential as I have, only difference is he had no other choice…

But to walk down the wonky crooked path, I guess it was his fate,

My brother called me son as to him I shined like one, he told me I was great,

I looked up to him, thanks to him I had hot dinners on a plate,

Zack was popular with the ladies, he soon found his soul mate,

Denise was her name, she was pretty, kind and cool,

When Zack was busy she would pick me up from school,

She was like my mum now, the only female in my life,

I swear by the Gods she would have been Zack’s wife,


Denise was a real gem, she was like the mother I never had,

What happened to my mother was predictable, it wasn’t tragic or sad,

She was married to the crack rock,

Luckily for her drug dealers are never out of stock,

The clock went tick tock,

And when she overdosed on it and died I wasn’t shocked,

Nor was I upset, I was angry but I quickly moved on,

She was never a good mom, before she died she was already gone,

I have seen enough shit in my life, it makes me strong,

I didn’t cry at the funeral, I wonder if that was wrong?


Zack and Denise rented a flat together and I moved in with them,

It was good to be somewhere else away from the chaos and mayhem,

While Zack was slanging drugs on the corner his lady would take care of me,

She was nice, she helped me with my school work, she was there for me,

Sad stories don’t have happy endings, this one killed my soul,

Zack was my brother and my best friend, he made me feel complete and whole,

I’ll never forget the moment Zack came home, he was in a rush,

He was panicking, I could paint the picture with a paint brush,

He told Denise and I to pack our bags as we were leaving town,

I was shocked, but I quickly got a move on, I had to move like James Brown,

I wondered if anybody was hunting my poor big brother down,

He didn’t say much, all he said was “We either swim away or drown”,

Just as Denise opened the door to leave a masked man shot her in the chest,

Before Zack could react he was quickly put to rest,

His precious head caught a bullet which rapidly flew,

Now tell me officer What the Hell am I supposed to do?



Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: 22nd March 2017

Inspired by Season 4 of The Wire.

Image of The Wire season 4 found on google.







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