A Promise


I am living today and tomorrow isn’t promised,

each day I breathe another valuable breath,

and I make a promise to myself.

That sacred vow and promise is to spend everyday

like it is my last on Planet Earth.

I walk through the corridors of time, my every step

has a meaning and a purpose.

With every step I move further away from my original

home the womb and move even closer to my final destination…

the tomb.

One day I will meet a barricade, a hurdle my tired legs will be unable to jump over.

I will meet a dead end.

I will meet my maker.

The only thing life promises us all is death.

We may not all get along, but we all have one

thing in common, we are all going to die, like so

many did before us.

So it is imperative I spend my time wisely,

doing the things I enjoy and spending it with

the people I love and trust.

I must not waste the precious little time I

have left, that is a promise I will never

break from now until my final breath.



Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Friday 5th May 2017

Image found on google.



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