The Wishing Well

I wonder if it is as torturous as this in Hell?

Time is money, with my final penny I go to the wishing well,

Will the Star Gods make sure my spectacular poems sell?

I’m climbing up the stairwell, many before me fell

On a journey to Poet’s Paradise a place where the truest Poets dwell,

The enhancement of brain cells makes one’s brain and eyes swell,

The truth hurts, we have as much freedom as those stuck in a cell,

Bullshit smells, I rebel against the system, in this prison I aim to excel,

With the stories I tell, then elevate and propel after I come out of my shell,

Words correctly spelled put avid readers under a perspicacious Poet’s spell,

The word wizard casting spells,

a blizzard of wonderful words pack a punch, ring the bell,

Pen and paper two boxers, the crowd yells,

punchlines and rhymes cleverly designed to make the eyes swell,


Written by Perspicaciousoutcast (John Paul Harrington)

Orignally written: Tuesday 6th September 2016

Image found on google.



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