The less you have, the more they are worth, friends,

The more time ticks, the less you have so spend…

it wisely, before it ends, be real and don’t pretend,

To be something you are not, be true, don’t be fake and bend…

the truth as that is deplorable and discreditable and it sends…

Out all the wrong messages, so are you truly a true friend?


You don’t have much time, so pick and choose your friends carefully now people,

An authentic friend, sees you as a sister or a brother, even a lover, simply an equal,

They are the opposite of deceitful and evil, they are faithful, one you can trust,

One you know inside and out, one that pleases and never disgusts,

One who adjusts and acclimatises when needs must,

One who creates and doesn’t turn beauty into dust,

A genuine friendship isn’t Me, Myself and I, it is we, it is us,

A true friendship is indestructible and it never rusts,

A real friendship lasts forever, an infinite bond, to infinity and beyond,

Fond of one another, secrets stay within, promises are never broken in this pleasant pond,

I would rather have one true friend than twenty fake ones,

An actual friend is with you during the dark times, not just with you when it is bright like the sun,

Loyal friends don’t sequester their feelings, they never hide or run,

They stay by your side like a loaded gun, together you laugh and have fun,

True friendship is beautiful and immutable truly a gift from the Gods,

Embrace your friend, appreciate their different personality however odd,

True friendship is unbounded forever long, two souls together get along,

A faithful friend makes you feel like you belong, when you are weak, they make you feel strong,

I’m creating perdurable poetry, my pen is one friend I can depend on,

My pen hasn’t let me down yet, that’s why I have penned so many poems and songs,

When I’m down and I’m running out of ideas, my pen gives me the strength to carry on,

I’m known as the Great Carbone or simply John, What will I do when my friend is gone?

Like my heart, this friend is a part of me, together we write and complete goals,

It doesn’t matter whoever goes first it’s irrelevant, in due time there will be a reuniting of the souls,


When I was a boy my Father told me, I’d be lucky to count my true friends on one hand,

Now that I am a grown man, these are wise poignant words I now understand,

Now that he is gone, I realise he was one of those real rare friends,

Physically I will never see him again, but spiritually our journey and friendship will never end,

He now dwells in a place even my matchless and magnificent mind can’t comprehend,

I can’t wait to see him again, our relationship never ended it continues to extend,


My Soul mate is my best friend, she’s the one I can lean on, my darling is much more than a lover,

She’s the only person who completely understands me, I’m the only person who understands her,

I love her, I place no one else above her, she’s my gorgeous green eyed angel she helped me recover…

From my Father’s death, we always help each other, we helped each other discover…

The soul, now we feel complete and whole, What else will we discover? Time will tell,

A helpful friend will rescue you from Hell, and make you feel like you’re in Heaven, there you dwell…

Far away from the prison cells of loneliness, a great friend helps you come out of your shell,

Helps you gain confidence as well, a trusted companion would catch you if you fell,

So if a friend does you a favour, repay them with kindness and love,

Don’t be selfish, see your friend as an equal, not below or above,


Selfishness leads to sempiternal sullen sadness and lonely photographs,

Enjoy taking those selfies, all alone only the ghosts can hear you     laugh,

Bitterness and jealousy rots one’s soul so who will write your epitaph?

It is good to be different, to be an outcast,

But you need at least one friend, so who are you going to cast?

It is hard to find the perfect friend, life happens so fast,

Congratulations if you found one at long last,

A trusted companion is never afraid to ask, talks about their problems and doesn’t hide behind a mask,

A dedicated and devoted friend never sees a favour as been a difficult or arduous task,


My pen has helped me out, it has written so many paragraphs, Will it write my epitaph?

A vibrant and fun friend will make you laugh, capture a moment in a photograph,

Look back at the memories of the past, thinking back we really had a blast,

Let’s enjoy the moment, the present is a gift let’s open it before we lose it fast,

Before it turns into the past, first steps into the future, two true enthusiasts,

A dependable and reliable friend would never break and shatter your heart like glass,

It is true, a true friend stabs you in the front not the back, beware of the snakes in the grass,

A true friend is unswerving and unchanging, they are regal, they have class,

If a true friend was a footballer he wouldn’t always shoot and go for glory, he would pass,

A real bond is unbreakable long like the neck of a giraffe, like the universe so diverse and vast,

True companionship can’t be measured or be depicted by graphs, sometimes it is complicated maths,

Only true love and friendship lasts forever so even death is no longer bad or sad,

A real relationship makes you happy and glad, loneliness drives one insane and mad,

When I die let it be written in one of my many books and pads,

My pen, my soulmate and my Dad were the truest friends I ever had.



Written by: The Great Carbone/Perspicacious Outcast ( John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 4th August 2016

Dedicated to my pen, my lady and my father.

Picture found on google.


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