Nobody Else, But Me



I’m not a colour, I’m a spirit,

I’m not a name, I’m a lyric,

Son of a Poet, the reason I’m Wild,

Gazing at the stars in the gutter as a child,

Empty pockets so poor I couldn’t afford a smile,

I couldn’t cover the mileage, still I travelled many miles,

Flying over land and sea, the lower World I can see,

A bird’s eye view, How can this be? Flying without wings, a mystery,

A Perspicacious Outcast, I’m not a Human Being, I’m an E.T,

Agree or disagree, I’m nobody else, but me,


An anonymous Alien from outer space,

Joined the Human race, vivid dreams I chase,

Livng in poverty painting a palace, a prince and a Poet’s place,

Writing poetry with so much heart and soul, but without a face,

An enigma, a puzzle and a riddle to this Wonderful World,

Forget gender, I represent every single person not just boy or girl,

The World is a work of art, a picture only a few can see,

Many try to tarnish this masterpiece it causes God the artist’s heart misery,

A Perspicacious Outcast, Am I a Human Being? Or am I an E.T?

Agree or disagree, I’m nobody else, but me,


To some I’m a villain, to others I’m a hero,

Part Rambo like Stallone, Part Noodles like De Niro,

I’m no longer a zero, yesterday I was the Lord of the unknown,

Today I’m the Intergalactic King the Great Carbone, Sat on my cosmic throne,

I’m far from perfect, but I’m not evil, people I’m a mixture of good and bad,

Focus on the good, or stare into a mirror of emotions, excited, happy, angry or sad,

Both masculine and feminine, pieces of my mum and dad,

My poems are a snippet of the strangest dreams I ever had,

A Perspicacious Outcast, I’m not a Human Being, I’m an E.T,

Agree or disagree, I’m nobody else, but me,


My spirit ensouls the pages of my poetry books

A reflection of the Gods, a mirror of diverse looks,

I struck the lotto with one buck, I found luck now I’m no longer stuck,

I’m not a crook, I share my thoughts, words should have you hooked,

I’m an open book, I instruct you to read every page thoroughly, don’t dodge and duck,

Let my words hit you, don’t just glance and look then judge like an ignorant fuck,

Read me from start to finish notice I’m not a planet, I finally became a star,

Shining brightly watching over the World from a far,

A Perspicacious Outcast, I’m not a Human Being or an E.T, I’m a star you see,

Intensely sparkling through eternity, I’m nobody else, but me.


Written by: The Great Carbone/ Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Friday 9th December 2016

Picture found on Google.




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