We had dreams and life decided to suck them all away like a vacuum,

A promising future full of positivity and creativity was replaced by impending doom and gloom,

Unlike Christ I won’t rise from the dead and leave my tomb,

The candle flame went out, but you can still smell the fumes,

But you can’t see me like the dark side of the moon,

Mysterious and unknown like nine months inside the womb,

Invisible to the human eye, unable to communicate with the ones I love,

I’m right here sitting next to you, but you are looking at the stars above,

I try to touch you, but my pale see through hands just pass straight through you,

I want to comfort and cuddle you when you’re feeling upset, but what can I do?

But watch you live your life without me, unable to move on,

You feel a draft in the room and you know it’s me your husband John,

A white feather drops down from out of nowhere onto your leather…

Jacket, it is a sign my lady, this love isn’t dead, it is forever,

You’re ready to leave, but I want you to stay, like you wanted me to stay,

You’re gong to work and soon you will be on your way,

Before you set off you call out my name, I can hear you as clear as day,

I am screaming at you, but you cannot hear the words I say,

The Gods don’t answer your prayers when you kneel down and pray,

They won’t tell you the reason why I had to go away,

Even I don’t know, I am confused and delirious, death is serious,

It hurts to see you upset, crestfallen, angry, frustrated and furious,

I’m curious, I always wondered why you loved me so much?

I wish we could reunite so again we could kiss and touch,

But that is selfish you’ve got a life to live without me by your side,

I felt hopeless, because I wasn’t there to wipe your tears when you cried,

My darling bride stay strong you will see me in due time, please don’t commit suicide,

Because this World would implode and explode sweetheart if you died,

I hope you know out of all the people I met on Earth I loved you the most,

I know you can’t hear me, but my feelings haven’t changed as a ghost,

You are still my soul mate, I haven’t left you for pastures new,

I guess the reason I haven’t gone to Heaven yet is because I am waiting for you.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: Friday 12th May 2017

Image found on google.


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