The Lord Of Light


A new day, a new horizon.

The transcendent and resplendent Sun in all of its regality and glory rises in the distance like a Phoenix from the ashes, returning to the sky once more.

The winged globe majestic and lofty seizes the day reigning supreme pleasing the eyes of nature and its creatures.

The refulgent ball of fire emerges from the darkness to bless the World with its sumptuous breathtaking beauty and with its radiant and brilliant but blinding light.

The resurrection of a God, his loyal fervent followers are in awe of his fecundity, splendour, grandeur, opulence and wisdom.

The Lord’s elegance and presence inspires the obedient and faithful globe below.

Even the royal, regal kings of Earth respect, marvel and bow down to the original King, the King of all Kings, the Sun. Their golden crowns are no match for the golden rays of effulgent light bestowed on the illuminated and enlightened one by the galactic hands of the first Gods.

They crowned the Sun the first king of the universal realm. The universal King sits on his throne pondering his thoughts shining brightly as new ideas enter through the golden gates passing through his magnificent mind.

His kingdom is the sanctuary for sensational souls, the Sun’s fervour and sincerity protects them from the evil spirits of the Underworld.

The great God is venerated and exalted by those who appreciate his heat and power and by those who are eternally grateful to receive divine solar energy from the one true life giver.

The flowers that grow in the gorgeous green gardens on the firm belly of Mother Earth breakout into song during the summer months for their one and only master.

The fiery God of Heaven is full of red hot passion and love, he is a stranger to jealousy and destruction. He isn’t an ego maniac, he is happy to share the same space with all the other stars in this universal sea of light and life.

Our Heavenly star watches over us during the day and his wife the Moon watches over us while he rests in his angelic abode during the night.

The supreme deity has been on a journey, in fact he is still on a journey. He travels through one constellation every 2,160 years and through the entire twelve houses of the Zodiac in roughly 25,920 years, which completes one great Solar and Platonic year.

Our shining and gleaming friend is quite the traveller and many have witnessed him walking on water and performing miracles which defy the logic of a narrow mind.

The Sun has not faded with the passage of time, he has been crucified so many times, but he cannot be defeated. Over and over again he is reborn and he shines his light on those who need it the most.

The Pagans of the past worshipped the golden orb of the day and even today whether we admit it or not, we still revere and idolise the blazing ball of brilliance in the allegories and fables of old.

The celestial bodies including our Mother who birthed us, gather to worship their maker as they orbit the Lord of Light in the temple of the Solar System.

Picture the poetic Planets praying to the Supreme Being, their celestial authority figure and overlord, spinning around their Superior Saviour singing the spiritual songs of the Universe.

Jubliant and overjoyed we are to see the Solar King. It is true everything revolves around the Lord of the Light and so it should.

What would we do if tomorrow he didn’t rise from the dead again?

Everything would become dormant in the darkness, the Moon would serve no purpose as she cannot shine without the Sun’s dependable and much needed light.

The Planets would wail for the rest of their days singing sad somber sorrowful songs in the darkness.

Many would put themselves out of their misery and our Matriarch and our Mother would crumble and die of a broken heart.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 6th May 2017

Images found on google.


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