Virtual Reality


When Parents and teachers don’t prepare children for society,

They grow up lost and angry full of resentment and anxiety,

Drinking alcohol numbs the pain, strangers to sobriety,

Unsure and confused prisoners of doubt and dubiety,

Their heroes are villains that have gained so much notoriety,

Rebels without a cause lacking ideas and a thing called variety,

The youth has lost faith, frail foreigners to acts of charity and piety,

No belief in the Soul, not behaving with the utmost propriety,

Shown no guidance, stuck with no books a long struggle to adapt,

No escape from the distractions that keep them trapped,

Lost touch with reality, floating inside of a bubble,

Unable to grasp the concept of time, the soul is in trouble,

Lost in a virtual reality, flying further away from actual reality,

Playing violent video games the enjoyment can cause insanity,

Now what would you do if that violence happened to you and your family?

I think it is time you plugged out the gaming consoles and plugged back into reality.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 26th November 2016

image found on google.


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