Simple, Short And Sweet

To be a star, one must be patient like they are playing cards,

Dreams are never too far away, maybe this bizarre bard is trying too hard,

It is all in my mind, I think I am running out of time,

These rhymes and thoughts of mine escape my mind through this pen of mine,

Dropping onto paper attempting to climb the ladder to the divine Heavens so they can shine,

God show me a sign, Maybe I should take my time with the poems I design,

Let the stars form and align so my rhymes can flow like he river Rhine,

I’m still young yet to reach my prime, my lines will mature and age like fine wine,

I must understand things take time, things don’t just happen over night,

It is a long struggle and fight, the present is dim, but the future is bright,

I remain hopeful and optimistic through my plight, I share my insight,

I’m the light, light years away, maybe that’s why they can’t see me with their eye sight,

It is true I would sacrifice my life if it meant people would read what I write,

To my delight the passion never dies even when the feelings of self doubt creep in like a thief in the night,

I need to understand not all my poems are going to be spectacular,

Some poems will never see the light of day like Count Dracula,

I write in vernacular to reach the people of today,

I am sure one day they will listen to the words I say,

My poems have warmth and passion, these cold, gelid streets,

Have yet to feel their heat,

My feet hurt, I take a seat,

I finish this poem by keeping it simple, short and sweet.


Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast

Originally written: 12th October 2016



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