Babies are born into this World,

they leave the Spiritual realm and bawl,

Life is like a rat race,

Hand a bank note to a toddler as they begin to crawl,

A society obsessed with appearance and wealth,

Money makes people feel tall,

But in reality,

all the World’s bank notes are insignificant and small,

in comparison to the infinite Universe,

and the creator of all,

I started as a hungry poor poet,

scrawling poetry onto a brick wall,

The art proves I have a Soul,

So I am rich in that respect,

God expects me to use my wealth wisely,

but even an intellect isn’t perfect,

My aim is to spread peace and love,

in a World plagued by hatred and war,

I abhor violence,

I wish I could feed the poor and the hungry more,

The World is ruled by nefarious narcissistic,

corporate cowards who hide behind a curtain,

I am certain that the system isn’t working,

as too many people are hurting,

I’m searching for solutions,

but all my eyes see are lies and prostitution,

We need a spiritual revolution,

as we turned our backs on spiritual evolution,

We gave into greed,

but history proves greedy ‘giants’ always fall,

Modern man has the gall to say we are making progress,

but the wall…

is crumbling, we need to take responsibility for our actions,

God won’t answer our calls,

I stand up for myself and fight with an arsenal of lyrics,

I refuse to physically brawl,

And I refuse to be fooled by the manipulative mendacious media,

I won’t be kicked around like a football,

I avoid propaganda and I won’t spend money at the mall,

to feel better about myself as I already have it all,

I have my Soul and my Soul mate,

They both make me feel strong and tall,

Instead I paint perfect pulchritudinous pictures,

that will hang from the walls inside the halls…

of a Heavenly house, flying skywards my spaceship will never stall,

John Paul is an artist and a poet, he will never fall,

I may not be a millionaire,

but if a rich man doesn’t possess a loving Soul, then really he has nothing at all.


Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: 6th June 2017

Image found on google.



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