Building A Pyramid

IMG_0194 I’m building a Pyramid within my soul and mind,

The building blocks are heavy to lift and hard to find,

There’s a lot of weight on my soul and mind, but I feel fine,

I’m constructing lines, conducting remarkable rhymes,

Aiming to reach the Heavens, the Universal mind where the stars shine,

Please understand it takes time to build and design,

This temple and shrine of mine with clever complex rhymes,

Every person is their own Pyramid, majestic and sublime,

In order to build, Mankind must awaken the third eye which is blind,

We must not destroy, we must build and climb then we will shine,

The clock chimes; if learning is a crime, I’m a guilty criminal in his prime,

Guilty like Albert Einstein, my heart, all of the thoughts in my mind and my soul are all mine.


Written by: Perspicacious Outcast

Originally written: 5th October 2016

Image found on google.


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