Perspicacious Poet

Try to replace this Perspicacious Poet, so skilful and sagacious,

My poems are ageless, turn the pages, reading is advantageous,

Hope for peace on this Planet is fallacious, Media Personnel are mendacious,

Perfidious parasites spreading propaganda brainless idiots believe it, how efficacious,

With wisdom I’m flirtatious, I’m full of passion and love, I’m not too salacious,

On a quest for pearls taking no hiatus, storing everything I learn, so tenacious,

A photographic memory complex like the matrix, buoyant, spirited and vivacious,

I’m a voracious reader, the truth is dangerous, I’m brave and courageous,

Understand knowledge is a Spaceship, flying brains through the Universe which is spacious,

Intelligence can be contagious, if you are willing to learn and not be too pugnacious,

Poems reveal my inner soul, I’m not faceless, I can impress without being ostentatious,

I take risks and gamble like people in Las Vegas, I’m plucky,intrepid and audacious,

Fearless destined for greatness, have patience, my poems will be ancient like the Cretaceous…

Period, poems won’t become extinct like dinosaurs, if you think that then you’re an ignoramus,

I’d rather be remembered until the end of time, than be briefly famous,

Picture a spaceship flying past Uranus leaving a World so wicked and heinous,

I’m bodacious, full of flavour, I will make it, you might think I’m outrageous,

But at least I’m not bland, blind, boring, evil, racist or repacious.

Written by: The Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally written: Saturday 2nd July 2016

Image of the Thinking Man statue found on google.


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