Heavy Heads


There is a lot on my mind,

My head feels like a boulder so heavy,

I was riding along in life,

Then the driver crashed the Chevy,

I survived, Tracy Chapman’s fast car was playing,

The story of my life,

My father too was an alcoholic,

Now I’m driving a fast car with my future wife,

We speed through the night,

No longer signing on, both of us have jobs that are steady,

But we want more out of life, drunken dreams,

This alcohol gets one leggy as its potent and heady,

The potion is deadly, we can’t bear any more heartache,

We’ve been through enough already,

People think they know us,

They should travel through our minds, but I don’t think they are ready,

Our ship is sailing, it will never sink,

We tattoo people’s brains with ink,

We’ve bottled up our feelings for the World to drink,

Now they can tell us what we think.


Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Random thoughts put into a Poem.

Originally written: Saturday 8th October 2016





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