Love Makes Life Good

I apologise for upsetting you and making you mad,

I feel sad thinking about the last few arguments we had,

I’m glad we always kiss and make up, the good learn from the bad,

Our love is not a fad, it’s eternal, you proved that after the death of my Dad,

We both roll forward aiming to complete our goals before we grow old,

If love is a game it isn’t easy, believe me, but we are in control, an ace we hold,

On a roll, this hand we have been dealt his way too good to fold,

Two love birds deeply in love, we don’t need a coal fire we hold each other when it’s cold,

We plan on growing old together, the magic won’t fade when we are wrinkled, grey or bald,

For years I made love to your mind with the stories I told,

Poems fill the hole making one feel whole, words from the soul are worth more than Gold,

I stole your heart and soul, I gave you mine for free in return they were never sold,

My undying passion is beating up your heart, you promised not to press charges,

Forgive me for my angry hurtful ways, I pay you back by giving you massages,

You trim my beard, Is it weird I find it therapeutic? Thoughts are cleared,

I dream of us been cheered and revered, I’d rather be loved than feared,

Love conquers all, it makes one whole,

It is the only thing that can save the soul,

Love makes life good, but it isn’t any easy stroll,

Stories about love are written on my poetic scrolls,

Love makes life good, Love is so diverse and complex it is often misunderstood,

Kindness and passion is in our blood, on the road the next stop is marriage and parenthood,

Love makes life good, Love is so diverse and complex it is often misunderstood,

Kindness and passion is in our blood, on the road the next stop is marriage and parenthood,

We are both too old to play silly lame childish games, jealousy came with fame,

Our love is an everlasting flame, our effulgent smiles remain inside the picture frame,

Don’t you dare claim we have changed, ¬†nothing has changed we are still the same,

Just older and wiser, it’s a shame people grow apart, but who is to blame?

I would rather wash and scrub my Sugar Muffin’s back in the bathtub,

Than drink beer with lonely old men in the pub or hang out at loud rowdy clubs,

Darling I rub your back good, two lions dream of protecting and parenting little cubs,

On the field of love, you are my star player from above there are no subs,

On Thursday we fly out to Dublin something special awaits us,

A return to the homeland is on the horizon, the radiant refulgent Sun we trust,

It shines like us, at night our light shines onto the moon, from dusk to dawn we both adjust,

We don’t swear on our love to prove a point, plus we don’t cuss or kick up a fuss,

When we are apart my heart misses you like a person who is in a rush misses the bus,

I depend on you, I need you to take me to a place where everything is plush, a positive and a plus,

My Queen Bee you fly and buzz, I love the taste of your appetising and delicious honey,

My sumptuous sweetheart makes me laugh and smile as she is so funny,

She has the ability to turn a cold dark stormy night into a vibrant and bright day so sunny,

The white blank paper we give life to is worth more than money.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Tuesday 13th September 2016


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