I represent Planet Earth, I represent Humanity,

I don’t represent England, I don’t believe in nationality,

I represent the Universe, I represent all of God’s Galaxies,

I represent the truth, I don’t believe in falsehoods and fallacies,
I’m searching for answers,

I don’t segregate myself or pledge allegiance to any flag,

Because that can lead to cancer,

So I refuse and avoid taking a drag of the system’s fag,

Civilisation like a cigarette will eventually burn out,

People gossip about electoral voter turnout,

Destruction of this Pulchritudinous Planet and hatred,

Is what I am really concerned about,

The more I learn, the more I doubt,

We are lost in a circle of Evil, a prison, please God bail me out,

Heinous, odious and atrocious crimes throughout…

History make me want to scream and shout,

The persecution of other Human Beings makes me cry,

People are starving, Is there an eternal drought?

We could purify water and feed those without food,

But people are rude they care more about money, power and clout,

I myself do without, my Spirit is rich,

And so is my heart and so is my brilliant brain,

I might be in pain,

But my brain is no longer in chains thanks to the wisdom I gained,

We are slowly killing Mother Earth, we have lost touch with nature,

When she dies, Will her Son carry her casket with celestial undertakers?

I represent life, nature and education,

I’m a universal educator and a spiritual liberator,

Our Planet; people raped her, traitors with an evil nature,

People who don’t love are haters,

These imbeciles churn out insipid, 

These ignorant idiots are blind, I see and I out live them,

I represent; truth, love and wisdom, 

To the unfortunate; it is these three things I give them,

So they like me escape the material prison,

Wise eyes realise God is within them as God is them,

I hope they accept what I give them,

I hope they cherish it and take it with them,

To new avenues, life is a journey and an adventure,

Be eager and have ambition,

Listen you can achieve anything,

Believe and have confidence, I am on a mission,

To make the World a peaceful and prosperous place,

For our future kids to live in,

Remember when things get hard, 

To Stay strong and never give up or give in,
I represent Planet Earth, I represent Humanity,

I don’t represent England, I don’t believe in nationality,

I represent the Universe, I represent every one of God’s Galaxies,

I represent the truth, I don’t believe in falsehoods and fallacies,
If I fail on my mission,

At least I tried to free us from this cosmic jail,

I am trying my best to prevail,

I am on a boat of development, still it sails,

I’ve been through a lot, but I’m as hard as nails,

I refuse to be weak, I cannot grow frail,

My balladry, my poetry is like the Holy Grail,

Truth is spoken in my truest tales,

I represent art and poetry, 

Words, thoughts and phrases flow in me,

Like a river, snakes slither,

Casting judgement without them even knowing me,

Narrow and absent minded fools and hypocrites,

Somehow think they are out growing me,

Critics claim they are masters of art and poetry,

Without ever really showing me,

Thinking they are overthrowing me,

There is more chance of it snowing three…

Times a day in Ecuador, I want more for my legacy,

So I’m planting seeds and growing trees,

Children are the future indeed,

But how are they going to survive in this World of greed?

Innocent Human Beings weep and bleed,

People follow when they are supposed to lead,

I am a child of the Stars, so spiritual, we all are,

But we can’t comprehend how complex the Universe is,

We can’t travel very far, we are trapped in the physical,

Suffering daily we don’t deserve this,

Wisdom I share, with the pen I perform miracles,

Planets are churches, I represent every Wordsmith,

A poet extraordinaire, so lyrical,

Planet Earth is where you heard this…

Perspicacious poem that rhymes,

The future is mine, I’m so ahead of my time,

Search and you will find,

My soul is immortal, I have a young heart and an old mind,

Full of experience, sagacity and positivity,

I’m not guilty of any cosmic crimes,

I represent vision and signs,

I’m trying to open the eyes of those who are blind,

I represent the divine, like the Sun I shine,

I represent all of Mankind, the clock chimes,

It was hard but I left the past behind,

I am moving forward, 

Representing the hands of time.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast ( J.P.Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 30th June 2016

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