The Thirsty Man

Trudging through the blistering and searing heat of the barren and lifeless desert, dehydrated and exhausted my sore red bloodshot eyes could see a blurry figure standing still in the distance. Feeling hopeless and hot, going nowhere, I decided to restore some hope. Belief and faith returned so I set a goal for myself. My goal was to reach this mystical fuzzy statue, with every step, it grew in size. Feeling tired and sweating profusely I refused to stop until I reached my target.

Was I hallucinating? This strange object which seemed a million miles away when I first laid eyes on it was in fact an old wrinkled man, and in his hand he was holding a big clear bottle. He offered this bottle to me and I desperate to touch this blessing from God accepted his generous gift.

Forget Gold, this fresh, clean and cold bottle of water was a Heavenly treasure to me, the eternally grateful thirsty man.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 1st July 2017

Inspired by Chabeel Day.


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