Better Than Sex

My poetry is better than sex, 

Sexual intellectuals cum,

When my words make love to their minds,

 And penetrate their ear drums,

An omnium gatherum of a billion eargasms,

 I pleased the crowd,

They started off low, I rose their spirits with lyrics, 

Now they dwell above the clouds,

Climax from start to finish, I’m like a rock star at a concert,

 The crowd scream my name out loud,

I’m well endowed with knowledge, well hung, I’ve got them sprung,

Sometimes I’m too cocky and proud,

I’m out spoken, I give my voice to the silent,

And share my thoughts with the heart broken,

I give hope to those hoping,

I share pieces of my brain like chips and tokens,

These are my thoughts here hold them,

Let them guide you and heal you like a magic potion,

I’m vocally open,

A brilliant bard with diverse and a complex array of emotions,

Moods often change like the weather,

And the size of the waves in the ocean,

I’ve awoken from a deep sleep,

Now changing reality is my aim and devotion,

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 8th October 2016


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