Open Windows

You opened the windows to your soul and you let me in,

I am like the Sun, you are my World I watch you spin,

I opened the window to my soul and I let you in,

You are like the Sun, I am your World you watch me spin,

Once upon a time, I was all alone needing comfort, love was my pursuit,

I struggled for years to find it, I was an army with no recruits,

No troops, I thought I’d only ever find love from a prostitute,

I have many attributes, women failed to see them until I met you Miss Absolute,

In the past you ate many rotten apples, then suddenly you found fresh fruit,

Hanging from a tree, you took a chance on me like a tree love has roots,

I’m flying high, I’m in love, if I fall I’ve got you my perfect parachute,

You never let me down, you are my saviour, you protect me like a jumpsuit,

Your presence puts butterflies inside my stomach, your beauty makes me smile, you electrocute,

And electrify me, I have a pulse and you make me feel alive, now my boots shoot…

And I score goals, all because of you, with the confidence you gave me I execute…

And perform, your radiance makes my heart feel so warm, sugar muffin you are so cute,

You pulsate me, my pupils dilate see, don’t be mute your voice soothes my soul like a flute,

We are resolute in our fight against evil, oppressive, repacious barbaric brutes,

We always tell the truth, we are acute, canny, sagacious, insightful and astute,

I can’t wait to marry you, a white wedding dress, two rings and a suit, true love no dispute,

You opened the window to your soul and you let me in,

I am like the Sun, you are my World I watch you spin,

I opened the window to my soul and I let you in,

You are like the Sun, I am your World you watch me spin,

Without a lady and a starship, a man can become mean spirited and heartless,

You are my orb, my shining star you gave me light when I was surrounded by darkness,

I opened my window and let your rays of light come in, you breathe new life into my soul,

Your wind blows me in the right direction onto the correct path helping me reach my goals,

You are pure like snow, we have come a long way, but still we’ve got so far to go,

Together we grow, together we glow, tomorrow may never arrive for all we know,

Days are not promised, we can’t live in a shadow waiting for things to happen, Is time borrowed?

If so we must spend time wisely, spend every day like it’s our last, live ahead of time and never follow…

The hands around the clock, we can’t stop we must lead ourselves to the promise land,

Where eternity awaits behind the gates, there are more stars in this universe than there are grains of sand…

On every beach on Earth, so diverse we shine brightly, but are our destinies already planned?

A complex endless amount of possibilities is too hard for this World to comprehend and understand,

My dearest you are never bland, a mind so riveting and interesting, my eyes were engaged from the start,

You are perfect, perspicacious and pulchritudinous, God’s greatest work of art,

You are radiant, resilient, strong, kind and caring with the purest human heart,

The Universe will always move and challenge us, but it will never pull us apart.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 18th June 2016

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