The Fire Breathing Red Dragon 

The red dragon breathes out fire,

The Phoenix rises from the ashes and flies higher,

Than a spaceship flown frequently by Extra Terrestrial flyers,

On a dark night, a full moon watches howling werewolves and bloodsucking vampires,

Fear not, this World is already home to secretive governments that conspire,

Well paid liars, consumerism, so many buyers and suppliers,

Material desires acquired, still feeling empty inside and feeling tired,

A history of betrayal and violence, assassins hired, people expire,

Tragedy transpires, a repetitive cycle, how tragic and dire,

Brutus betrayed Julius Caesar, the man who played a critical role in the rise of the Roman Empire,

Then Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss that probably burned like Hell’s fire,

After his death they altered Christ’s image and turned him into a Messiah,

Friendships soon expire, a knife in the back, best friend is wearing a wire,

Honest eyes cry, tears speak and leak the truth, the truth is to be admired,

Dishonest eyes belong to perfidious parasitic liars, their eyes are much drier,

Truth speakers spread pace, truth, love and wisdom, hailed by some as Messiahs,

Others see them as prophets, like the weeping prophet Jeremiah,

Voices of the voiceless, never silent, singing loud like a choir,

Exposing fraudulent World leaders, corrupt bankers and no good liars,

Life often looks lugubrious, still things can be deemed funny like a Squire’s attire,

Humour is a medicine, try to make people laugh like Jon Cryer, Mike Myers and Richard Pryor,

Heaven loves a trier, never give up, things will soon transpire,

Human Beings are like cars with broken windows and ageing tires,

Moving forward, one day the car will grow wings and aim higher,

People work then retire, but their souls still have that burning desire,

Burning like a fire, to aspire to further greatness and continue to inspire…

To touch peoples souls, it is rare to be loved, respected and admired,

Physical bodies wither and die, but souls are immortal they never expire,

They continue to fly higher through the entire universe reaching an Intergalactic Energetic Empire,

We are all Intergalactic kings and Queens, we don’t need a God or a Messiah,

As they already live within us, we are the red dragon and our spirit is the fire.
Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: 19th July 2015

Image found on google.


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