Womb To The Tomb

Once a fetus living in total darkness, with barely no room,

Escaped from the womb, born without a silver spoon,

Frail hands picked up a pen and started writing, experiencing an intellectual boom,

Like a flower in bloom, blossoming, certain to reach the curtains of Heaven soon,

My wise words will heal the deepest wounds, ending doom and gloom,

Touching your soul, exploring your realm, entering different rooms,

You can clearly see through the window deep into my soul in my Neptune…

Eyes, you don’t have to zoom, these blue Neptune eyes shine bright like the midnight moon,

Your soul is full of light, radiant like the afternoon Sun in the month of June,

You’re an angel with wings flying high, you’re not a wicked witch flying on a broom,

We are immune to evil and lies, the truth shines in our eyes like the Sun and the moon,

A circle of trust wrapped around our fingers, a full moon,first dance between bride and groom,

Nostrils inhaling your perfume, the scent of your soul leads to us making love in the bedroom,

Sharing our love,watching cartoons, in harmony until the day we are placed inside our tombs,

Two eternal soulmates, up high in the sky like a hot air balloon, flying fast past Neptune,

In a Starship flying to other Worlds, Stars and Moons wearing unique costumes,

They call it space, as the Universe has plenty of room,

There’s so much to discover, from the Womb to the Tomb, I told you we’d see Heaven soon.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 12th September 2015

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