A Great And Mysterious Garden

My spirit is far from dead, it is alive like the dreams inside my head,

Giving life to pages in poetry books living off the words I said,

Tattooed with ink, a permanent reminder of the things I have read,

And the things that I feel, together my pen and I have bled,

The ink cannot be erased, it is more effective than pencil lead,

Thirsty for wise water and hungry for sagacious bread,

I don’t just want a slice of it, I want the whole loaf,

Truth, Love And Wisdom are the three things I desire the most,

Without these three things I’d be trapped between two Worlds like a ghost,

I’m walking through a mysterious garden full of splendour, fecundity and growth,

I approach the light and drink from the God Made fountain of knowledge,

Reading is an arduous journey, my library is like a mountain of knowledge,

Attending my own college, a university and a centre of learning,

Turning pages discerning wise words, the fire inside of me is still burning,

The World is turning, my desire is to climb higher so I read every book on the shelf,

Applying and teaching myself acquiring wisdom which is wealth,

My brain is draped in jewels, sacred knowledge on paper is pelf,

Food for the mind, I eat healthy, poisonous plants are bad for one’s health,

I live for today, but I look back at the past, it can’t be left behind,

As I must learn from it in order to not repeat the mistakes made by mankind,

The future is both yours and mine, I avoid poison ivy as it destroys the mind,

I don’t want to wander through the darkness with my third eye blind,

With three eyes open I will find the truth hidden in the dark,

Will I be the spark which will ignite the flame inside the brain of the smart?

Words travel like darts, I aim to inspire the World through poetry and art,

My soul, mind and heart all grow like a tree in my garden playing their part,

Each showing age and wisdom like the patterns on tree bark,

One sniff of knowledge I’m like a shark who smells blood, I fell in love from the start,

This great garden of mine is tranquil, peaceful and quiet like Paradise park,

Without Truth, Love And Wisdom all life in this Mecca would fall apart.
Written by: Perspicacious Outcast

Written: Monday 17th July 2017

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