Dark Clouds (Sinking)

The dark clouds of depression block out the shining sun,

There are no smiles and no rays of hope for the lonely ones,

The refulgent light of our fire star is struggling to shine through,

The Sun isn’t shining down on me, Is it shining down on you?

My head is heavy and dark, I don’t want to be a burden on the ones I love,

I struggle to deal with the pressure when push comes to shove,

The piano of life continues to play discordant notes,

The soundtrack to melancholy and madness plus the poems I wrote,

I’m sailing the open water, Am I alone? Or Are we in the same boat?

My big puffy coat prevents me from catching hypothermia, I stay afloat,

But it is an everyday struggle, the World is burning and turning,

I’m yearning for more, the tide is turning for better or worse, Is God returning?

I’m losing control, the storm has pulverised me, the crashing waves…

Push me around, my boat has tipped over and I cannot be saved,

I can’t swim, the only way is down, I’m sinking the ocean is too deep,

The tears of Mother Earth consume me as I fall into an eternal sleep.
Written by: Perspicacious outcast ( John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Saturday 4th March 2017

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