My Super Lady

Two lovers entwined, souls combined, stuck together with super glue,

Super you rescued me from the monsters of loneliness and from the Devil too,

We may be getting old, but this Love is still brand new,

Darling Angel I cannot live without you,

That statement is as true as the summer sky is blue,

You shine bright like the Sun shining through,

As sure as the sky is pale blue on a bright Summer’s day,

I am sure my Darling Angel, my Super Lady will never fly away,

She is here to stay, she is a Goddess my heart and soul obeys,

She is worthy of worship as her body is a temple, the place I lay and I pray,

We will never go our separate ways, the sky will never turn grey,

And our love will never burn out like cigarettes in an ashtray,

Forever and a day we will laugh, hug, kiss, make love, have fun and play,

Our love is eternal, there is not much else to say,

Always and forever my sensual serene Queen and soulmate I will love you,

And I know forever and always you will love your big Boo Boo too,

Thoughts and memories of our loved ones in the darkness like stars shine through,

Knowing one day you and I will be up there looking down shining too.
Written by: Perspicacious Outcast

Originally Written: Thursday 25th October 2016


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