Will Love Finally Conquer Fear?

Everyday the sun sets and the sun rises,

Each day is a gift full of surprises,

The World is full of variety and diversity, one realises…

That love comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes,

And love also comes with bullets and tissues,

Honestly sweetheart we have both got issues,

I wish you…were here right now, it’s true, I miss you…

Everyday, it’s frustrating as darling I just want to kiss you,

I piss you…off sometimes, I admit most arguments are my fault,

I apologise, I cry every night, my wounded soul stings like salt,

Feeling under pressure, I can’t stop moving or come to a halt,

Life is short like leprechauns, time moves quickly like Usain Bolt,

My moods alter, I go up and come back down like a somersault,

When I am depressed, I feel like I’ve been hit by Zeus’s thunderbolt,

I can’t give up, if I don’t show up I will lose the game by default,

Still I treasure every moment of life, I store them inside my memory vault,

I value every minute with you darling the lady I can’t replace,

You are my one and only, my Queen with regal grace,

I tried my best to put a permanent smile onto your angelic face,

Stressed as life is a rat race and baby you set the pace,

I lagged behind, I spent too long trying to tie my shoe lace,

Anxious and afraid of defeat, I was a disgrace…

To myself, there are dreams I need to chase,

I can’t catch them standing still staring into space,

I understand this isn’t the time or the place,

For me to act like a blithering basket case,

I must embrace the moment and meet my destiny face to face,

You told me to leave you alone as you needed space,

But I can’t give you the stars, the moons and the planets,

I plan it, but I panic, life is harder than granite,

My thoughts are frantic, my brain is beserk and manic,

My head is ready to explode, my temper is volcanic,

I need to relax and calm down, but my pain is gigantic,

Is the World Godly or Satanic?

Am I still natural and organic?

My heart is sinking like the titanic,

Damn it, I didn’t see the iceberg, Where do we go from here?

Will we swim to the shore? Or Sink in an ocean containing our tears?

Dreams can come true, but will this be our year?

Will we succeed? Or Will we fade away and disappear?

Will we stand the test of time my dear?

And Will Love finally conquer fear?

Written by: Perspicacious outcast

Originally Written: 26th July 2017


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