Should I listen to my heart? Or Should I listen to my head instead?

Both are arguing over things each of them said,

My head doesn’t listen to my heart and my heart doesn’t listen to my head,

My Soul is stuck sandwiched between the two, it still hasn’t fled,

My eyes are blood shot red, I have bled in this war it must be said,

The Clash of three, keeps me awake at night inside my comfy bed,

The conflict is preventing me from progressing and moving ahead,

I think my Soul has had enough, my spirit wants me dead,

My Soul wants to escape from my body, it is tired of being tired, surrounded by Hell,

My eyes swell burning like fire, Am I an ancient Angel who fell?

News hits me like a bombshell, the elite have put us all under a spell,

But bullshit smells, I don’t believe the media or the lies they tell,

I refuse to buy the lies they sell, but still I don’t feel well,

I’m no closer to the truth, I’m a product and a victim of this cartel,

I’m still stuck inside my cell, still stuck inside my shell,

My pain runs deeper than a well, I cry and I yell,

I dwell on my past and I worry about the future as well,

What the Hell is going to happen to me? Only time will tell.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 27th July 2017

Picture of World War 1 trenches found on google.


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