House Hunting

I’m twenty five years old and still I’m living at home,

With my mother, at least I’m not alone,

It’s an everyday struggle, I can’t do this on my own,

Things are not set in stone, I see my job as a stepping stone,

To bigger and better things, Will I climb the stairway and ascend to the throne?

At the moment the World is stepping on us, Are we pebbles and stones?

Is there a brighter day I have yet to be shown?

I will achieve nothing though if I moan and I groan,

I continue fighting for my life like a gladiator in Rome,

I’ve been cut, my lady and I are living in separate zones,

Patiently waiting for sunshine saving every penny that we earn,

Contributing to society getting very little in return,

We are concerned about the future hoping the World doesn’t burn,

We plan on being eternal picture us rising from the ashes in an urn,

Two soulmates become a Phoenix, Is it Written in the Stars the life we yearn?

The Universe to me is like a giant book, like a page the World turns,

Read the Stars we were sent here to teach and learn as students and tutors,

Thinking ahead, making plans, house hunting for the future,

Buying a house isn’t easy, it’s an arduous journey,

I can’t lie house prices and the cost of living concerns me,

But we are in this together, forever we remain a team,

Eventually we will find the right house but tonight we sleep and dream,

Dreams remain dreams until they come true,

We continue to view houses hoping for a breakthrough,

Still we look, Are we cursed with bad luck?

We refuse to give up, but at the moment life sucks,

We both have ambition, fiends for success we are itching…

To move out, I can see you cooking chicken in the kitchen,

My visions are pre written, we need to read more pages,

We have been house hunting for ages, trying to escape from our cages,

We can apply for a mortgage, we did well saving our wages,

We have started new chapters and moved onto different stages,

Our time will come, we deserve it we have worked hard,

A perfect dream house is waiting for an artist and a bard.

Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: 31st July 2017

Image found on google.


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