Origins Of Evil (Pandora’s Box)

Are Human Beings schizophrenic and mentally ill?

Everyday men butcher and kill,

We should deplore violence, but it thrills…

Us like a movie as we sit back and chill,

Watching the whole World fall apart,

My sulking soul cries alone in the dark,

Murder and chaos are two arrows to my Human heart,

Researching the origins or Evil, When did this mayhem start?

When will this madness end? It is out of control,

Materialism and greed have replaced the heart and soul,

What does the future hold? What does the future have in store, more wars?

More brutality and gore? More bodies laying dead on the floor?

More poor people starving on the streets?

Ribs poking through the skin, needing food to eat,

The mouths of Earth’s sons and daughters,

Are dry and hungry for fruit and thirsty for water,

Did we lose our dignity in the garden of Eden?

Poor souls we need to feed them, I dream of peace and freedom,

People are killing in the name of God and in the game called evolution,

But we are going backwards, our leaders have no solutions,

They are responsible for this poison brewed and stirred by the elite,

Politicians are puppets on a string, we sit down in our seats,

Watching the stage show, they feed the audience lies, I refuse to eat,

They make us feel inferior and incomplete,

Every time they speak, they treat us like pieces of meat,

I stay strong, I refuse to be weak, I continue to compete,

I stand on my own two feet,

Struggling but refusing to be beat,

Vying for victory, I’m a stranger to defeat,

I will melt their ice cold lies with truth, radiance and heat,

My destiny is in my own hands and I need to make a stand,

But what can I do? I am just one man,

I’m stuck inside a paradox, I’m locked inside Pandora’s box,

I need to find a key and the lock to open the box, the clock…

Is ticking, time is running out, hope is fading away,

Sunny days seem so far away, my sky is gloomy and grey today,

All I see is insanity, Are people inherently evil?

Do people prefer to be separated and deceitful?

Or Do People prefer to be truthful and equal,

This tribal mentality is small minded like a beetle,

I’m crazy living in this mad World, I’m mentally ill,

I need a cure for his sickness, but I refuse to take pills,

Poetry instills belief and positivity into my my mind still,

I have got pure talent and sensational skill,

I believe I will find a cure one day and when I do I will…

Climb up the hill, my ink like battlefield blood spills,

In this War there are no heroes or villains, just people who kill,

Life is about the evolution of the soul, not working hard for nothing and paying bills,

There is a real lack of progression, the Whole World is standing still,

The Devil killed the freedom of choice and free will, nothing will change until…

We take responsibility for our own actions,

And realise technology and entertainment are just distractions.
Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Friday 30th June2017 

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